Bracelets aid cancer fund

by Kaitlyn Frey
Senior Ally Panton is currently designing, hand-making and selling red bracelets to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
Panton is plans to send the money she raises to the American Cancer Society in January. According to, the American Cancer Society is an organization dedicated to preventing cancer through research, education, advocacy and service.
Said Panton: “I got the inspiration after someone that I knew recently died of cancer. [The person’s] favorite color was red, so that’s why I chose the color.”

So far, Panton has been selling the bracelets to WHS students, as well as to Westfield families and residents. 

According to Panton, her business is generally informal. “I get many people that just come up to me and ask for one, and I’ll usually have one or two extra handy,” she added.

Senior Sydney Metzger said: “I hope that the money donated to the American Cancer Society makes an impact on the research that they can do. The most important part of these sorts of organizations is the research that they can do the help beat the disease.”

Senior Lauren Tebbetts expressed hope that the money will be used to help find new technology that can detect cancer faster and develop a way to eradicate it completely. 

“Obviously I am extremely willing to support this cause. I’ve had a lot of family members who have had cancer, along with friends’ relatives and other people I know,” Tebbetts said.

According to Panton, each bracelet takes about 30 minutes to make. To create one, she uses a ball chain, leather cord and string that would be used to make a friendship bracelet. The closure of the bracelet is a nut, which Panton said made the bracelets a bit edgier. 

“The bracelets consist of a lot of wrapping over and over again,” she added.

Metzger said: “The thing I like most about the bracelet is that I’ve been able to wear it with every outfit since I purchased it. I also bought them as holiday gifts for my sisters.”

Senior Amanda Mongiove, who bought one of the bracelets, said, “I hope that the money being donated will go towards finding a cure for this terrible disease.”

Panton has been making bracelets for the past five months, many of which can be found on her website,

According to her website, “Each piece is custom, handmade and handled with a special amount of care.”