Businesses unite to aid COVID-19 front lines

Megan Hinkel, Web & Social Media Manager

The coronavirus has put hospitals at risk of running out of supplies, leaving them unprepared to handle the many patients that are entering for testing and treatment. According to, around 90 percent of U.S. mayors said they do not have enough supplies like masks and test kits for medical workers, and 85 percent said there are not enough ventilators for hospitals. This lack of supplies has led many nonmedical businesses to help make or donate medical supplies. 

Ford Motor Company has helped to create more respirators and ventilators, among other hospital necessities. In an announcement on Mar. 24, Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett said, “Working with 3M and GE [Healthcare], we have empowered our teams of engineers and designers to be scrappy and creative to quickly help scale-up production of this vital equipment.”

According to CNN, Ford is using 3D printing to create shields and masks for hospital workers due to the shortages in these supplies. They are also working to increase the production of ventilators because the coronavirus is causing an increase in patients needing this support. 

Many other businesses like ABC, Louis Vuitton and Prada are helping with the mask shortage by making or donating masks. 

“Disney World delivered masks for us to distribute to local hospitals, because Disney World is closed,” said Westfield resident Hugh McGuire, who works for the Disney-owned company ABC. “Nurses and doctors were using one mask per week when they used to use one mask per patient and they are basically out of supply.”

Many non-medical companies have the ability to help those who are directly working with coronavirus patients. McGuire also mentioned another company that has steered away from their normal products to help hospitals. “Cascade Lacrosse, a company that makes lacrosse helmets, is now making face shields for hospitals,” he said. “They have the equipment to make these things and it is a great idea.” The coronavirus is causing companies of all different backgrounds to unite under a common cause, even though it is unrelated to their independent businesses.