Hi's Eye

Mental illness: In the shadows no more

Anna Masciandaro, Web Editor

December 20, 2017

For Emma Rogers, the depression feels like she’s drowning. “The best way to describe my thoughts during those times is like being underwater and seeing that the outside is right there, but not being able to move your body...

Star Wars arrives once again: Why we care so much about it

Stewie Pollock, Iris News/Features Editor

December 15, 2017

Over the past 40 years, sci-fi fans have adored the Star Wars franchise, which leaves viewers on the edge of their seats with every new movie. With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi today, fans are very excited to head t...

Are you ready to rally?

Sara Isser and Olivia Milford

November 17, 2017

     Student leaders, parents and WHS staff have decided to make Wednesday a day to remember. While the Spirit Week attire, bonfire behind EIS and Thanksgiving Day football game against Plainfield High will continue as ...

Election Results

Emily Finn, Business Manager/R3 News Editor

November 17, 2017

     It’s a new era for Westfield town politics; the push for bipartisanship has won. Although the mayor’s office and Town Council have been all Republican for more than a decade, that changed on Nov. 7. On Election ...

Dinner is served in the auditorium

Olivia Morrison, Free-Lance Writer

November 17, 2017

     The WHS theatre department has received many Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards for the serious and tragic works that it is so well known for producing. This year, the department’s director, Mr. Daniel Devlin, has...

Mayoral election hits homestretch (Andy Skibitsky)

Samantha Forcht and Matt Meusel

November 15, 2017

A fourth term? Why not? Another term is just what current mayor Andrew K. “Andy” Skibitsky is in search of when Westfield residents elect the next mayor on Tuesday. Skibitsky’s long record of public service began when he was fir...

Mayoral election hits homestretch (Shelly Brindle)

Rollins Terry, R3 Editor-in-Chief

November 15, 2017

​At the University of Virginia, Michelle “Shelley” Brindle lettered in football. “I was at UVA on a football scholarship,” Brindle said, laughing. Brindle was one of three team managers. Recalling the experience of man...

Town Council Candidates

Emily Finn, Haley Tomasso, Sarah Fox, and Nathalie Tucker

November 8, 2017

With the upcoming mayoral and Town Council elections, the Hi’s Eye staff has conducted interviews with each candidate. In this compilation of interviews, candidates were asked the following questions: 1. What are your goa...

Gubernatorial candidates seek to address state issues

Lucy Gretsky, R2 Op-Ed Editor

November 3, 2017

After the election this upcoming Tuesday, either Democratic candidate Phil Murphy or Republican candidate Kim Guadagno will be replacing Chris Christie as governor of New Jersey. With the election right around the corner, let...

The Trump Effect

Eve Crandall and Olivia Morrison

November 3, 2017

Anyone driving through Westfield recently would be able to gauge the high level of local political involvement just by counting the campaign signs on residents’ lawns. This sight is reminiscent of Westfield during last N...

Gun-control dialogue reveals divisons

Olivia Morrison, Free-Lance Writer

October 20, 2017

​Carefully picking up her gun, WHS senior Julia Clifford squints her eye as she focuses on the target ahead. She has taken all of the prerequisite classes and she has completed the extensive safety training. Now, she shoots. Her finger pulls the trigger and she succes...

Lock it and still lose it: Bike thieves hit WHS

Stewie Pollock, Iris News/Features Editor

October 20, 2017

Biking is definitely a healthy, environmentally sound way of getting to school. However, parking a bike at WHS is where the problems lies. According to Principal Dr. Derrick Nelson, there have been between four and five bike thefts so...