Hi's Eye

Are celebrities doing as much as they can for COVID-19?

Morgan Boll and Colin Sumner

April 10, 2020

Social media has been a way for us to communicate and connect to others during this global pandemic. There are no lack of videos showing celebrities doing the same things as us while stuck at home. They too have been using social...

Hey Hollywood:

Emily Greenzang, R3 Op-Ed Editor

March 16, 2020

It’s impossible to deny that minority representation in teen romance movies has improved but it’s still imperative to realize that progress must be made. While a few movies stand out in this category as positive examples of r...

Don’t be afraid of foreign films

Movie poster for the film Parasite

Annie Cerria, R2 Editor-In-Chief

January 24, 2020

Forced feminism on the big screen

Jessica Isser, R1 Editor-In-Chief

January 14, 2020

With all of the new movies being produced that star strong female leads, one would think that Hollywood is portraying women in a less degrading and more celebratory way than in the past. However, is this new portrayal of women ...

Are we doing enough to stop hate at WHS?

Jake White, Business Manager

December 9, 2019

On Nov. 1, I wrote an article about a swastika that was found drawn at WHS, which marked the latest publicized anti-Semitic act at WHS.  There have been several occasions of anti-Semitic drawings at Westfield Public Schools over the past year. Yet, the most recent a...