Hi's Eye

Album: An All Time ‘Eh’

Chelsea Frisch and Anna Masciandaro

June 9, 2017

   Last Friday, All Time Low released their new album, Last Young Renegade. It’s the first album they’ve released in a year, and their seventh album overall. The album is good, but ultimately falls short of our expectations...

Not-so-Wonder Woman

Matt Meusel, R1 Features Editor

June 9, 2017

Two hours and twenty minutes of unbearable plot lines put Wonder Woman right up there on the list of recent superhero duds. It makes you wonder why you just wasted your time and money at the theater.       Wonder...

The Ready Set wows at Webster Hall

November 28, 2011

by Katherine JaruzelskiNot even the onset of bronchitis could stop Jordan Witzigreuter, the one-man band behind pop-rock outfit the Ready Set, from delivering an all-around energetic performance at Webster Hall in New York Cit...

Suburgatory stands out

October 28, 2011

by Krysta HuberAh, the infamous land of suburbia: the clichéd setting for a television show. How many shows about well-manicured lawns, trophy wives and cliquey teenage girls have been on the air? Far too many. But Emi...

Paranormal: Same bag of tricks

September 30, 2011

by Tom Malley ​On Oct. 21, the third installment of the Paranormal Activity series was released in theaters. The Paranormal movies are notorious for their vague camera angles and innovative approach to horror. Although Pa...

McQueen Exhibit

September 1, 2011

by Emma Polini​The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibition proves that neither death nor two hour lines can interfere with art. The highly anticipated Alexander McQueen exhibit “Savage Beauty” is open u...

It’s Crazy But You’ll Like It

September 1, 2011

by Malcolm Spurlock​After her World Cup anthem “Waka Waka” Shakira finally releases her newest album “Sale el Sol”, still demonstrating her bold and global mindset in the music industry. Like a brea...

Taylor Swift’s New CD

September 1, 2011

​By Caroline O'ConnorThe concept is simple, to any male, brave enough to attempt to date country star Taylor Swift, and then hurt her, expect a bashing in her next chart topping single. Whether it is a song titled with the ...