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Last-minute costumes

Matt Meusel, R1 Features Editor

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It can be stressful trying to put together a Halloween costume, especially if you wait until the last minute. We’ve come to the rescue with three costumes that can be put together in a hurry and don’t require a lot of materials. You won’t be scrambling to go to a Halloween store and spend $40 on a costume that you may only wear once in your life. These three “do it yourself” costumes are quick, cheap, easy and stylish to make sure you look your best on Oct. 31.

Three Peas in a Pod     Do you want a group costume but sports aren’t your thing? Get together with two of your closest friends to unite as “Three peas in a pod.” You’ll catch a lot of looks when you’re walking around with two your best buds dressed in all green. Go all out with it: green shirt, green pants, green socks, even paint your face green if you’re feeling extra crazy. And talk about a costume that you can put together very quickly! You could easily coordinate this with two other friends in a matter of minutes. Just remember, green, green…and more green. If you really call yourself “BFFs,” then you won’t let this opportunity slip away.



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Last-minute costumes