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It's Time to Slow Down the Fast Fashion Industry
Mackenzie Aiello, Anna Qiang, Alina Romero, and Kendall Williamson July 8, 2021

The fast fashion industry is one of the most harmful, yet profitable industries in the world. Constant consumption of low-quality products creates...

Blue Origin sketches of self-sustaining space civilizations.
Fight or Flight: Climate Change and the New Age Space Race
Jake Delforte, Sophia Rossetti, and Jesse Weinstein July 8, 2021

For a millennia, humans have often wondered about, admired and been puzzled by outer space. We’ve written books, made movies and composed music...

Red States, Blue States and Losing Green Space
Red States, Blue States and Losing Green Space
Jacob Wendler and Amaya Wilkerson July 8, 2021

If the 2020 election made one thing clear, it’s that the U.S. politics of the twenty-first century are hardly recognizable by the standards...

STOP ANTI-ASIAN RACISM & CHINA BASHING RALLY at Chinatown Archway at 7th and H Street, NW, Washington DC on Saturday afternoon, 27 March 2021
Let’s Talk About Asian Americans
Anna Qiang, R2 Well Editor, R3 Back of Mag Editor • May 28, 2021

Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, was shoved into the ground on January 28 while he was going out for his morning walk in San Francisco. Noel Quintana,...

Social Distancing:  Should We Stay Six Feet Away From Standardized Testing?
Social Distancing: Should We Stay Six Feet Away From Standardized Testing?
Jake Delforte and Jesse Weinstein May 3, 2021

It was a brisk October morning, approximately 7:00 a.m., as I pulled into the East Brunswick High School parking lot. Going into the ACT, I really...

WHS Principal Mary Asfendis
Behind the Screens
Audrey Heber, Sophia Rossetti, and Jacob Wendler May 3, 2021

Tiles of faces stare back through the screen, their disinterest and boredom unapologetically on display. 70 minutes stretch into hours as the...

WHS Nurses Carole Stavitski and Robert Ripper
WHS Nurses: The Dynamic Duo
Sam Surks, R4 Editor-in-Chief, R1 Well Editor • May 3, 2021

With the reopening of Westfield public schools in the fall came a new routine of filling out early morning surveys, signing into school with...

Facebook Parent Groups
Facebook Parent Groups
Lleyton Beinhaker and Amaya Wilkerson February 18, 2021

“Just call them out yourself. You're the parent.” “The fact that parents allow their child to be sitting out there with the word ‘deserve’...

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