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Cultural Food Helps Form Connections
Meryl Li , Editor in Chief and Section Editor • March 6, 2022

Growing up, my mother always sang the praises of seafood from her hometown of Qingdao, China. Every time we ate clams, she would complain that...

Senator Cory Booker
The Garden Isn’t Full for Everyone
Vivian Jeckell, Shreya Jyotishi, and Natalie Manzo March 6, 2022

As an advanced nation in a world of sophisticated technology and consistent innovation, many view the United States as the pinnacle of human...

Stop Bringing Red, White and Blue Into Asian Food
Stop Bringing Red, White and Blue Into Asian Food
Shreya Jyotishi and Kimberly Su March 6, 2022

Scott Conant, celebrity chef on Chopped
Who's Hungry for Cooking Shows?
Caroline Donnelly and Amira Lee March 6, 2022

The competitive cooking shows we are familiar with today are all thanks to The Food Network. Created in 1993, the channel revolutionized cooking...

Historical Society President Greg Blasi and Town Archivist Robert Wendel in the Historical Society archives photos and artwork
The Not-So-Secret Society: Westfield’s Hidden Gem
Thomas Chen, Vivian Jeckell, and Maxmilian Kiefer December 20, 2021

Nestled in the heart of Westfield, unseen among residential streets, is a treasure trove of antiquities, a seemingly endless record of times...

Prideful and Prejudiced
Prideful and Prejudiced
Vivian Jeckell and Shreya Jyotishi December 20, 2021

When envisioning Westfield, images of cozy suburban residences and charming downtown shops immediately spring to mind, defining the town as the...

Westfield Small Businesses Continue to be Impacted by COVID-19
Westfield Small Businesses Continue to be Impacted by COVID-19
Caroline Donnelly, Natalie Manzo, and Molly Reilly December 20, 2021

The past year and a half has presented an overwhelming plethora of challenges. Our schools, our extracurriculars and especially our downtown...

Bethel Baptist Church
Walking Through History: Westfield’s African American Walking Tour
Amira Lee, Amanda Rickert, and Photos by Kimberly Su November 23, 2021

The walking tour, established in October 2020, was created by the African American History Committee of Westfield 300, a committee of Westfield...

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