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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Perspective (noun): the ability to consider things in relation to one another. interpreting the world through the lens of others. allowing you to open your heart and mind. Something only a few can understand.

One of the first essays we learn how to write, all the way back in elementary school, is a persuasive essay. We’re told to convince the readers of our point of view on any topic of our choosing. It’s about effective arguments and changing how someone thinks.

When we write those essays, the topics are simple. Why hockey is better than soccer, why burgers are better than hot dogs. We get to choose the argument that we present. We have total control over what the reader sees.

Now, as we age, those simple topics morph into more complex ones, like human rights, conflicts abroad, which candidate to support and whether a certain law should be passed or not. It’s no longer us writing a persuasive essay; we assume the role of reader, and we are forced to pick a side.

This is the reality of the society we live in. Every day, we are forced to choose an opinion on whatever controversy occurring at the moment, however large or small. Every day, we are confronted with conflicting sides and have to choose what we think is the “better” side.

Editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Faragi

The ability to consider and change perspective is crucial in this world and if we can learn to do this, the world will ultimately be a better place for everyone.

When thinking about themes for this issue of Optic, the idea of eyes continued to come back to me. Our slogan, even, is “Optic: More than meets the eye.” The theme of eyes expanded to the theme of changing the way we see things. That aspect is all about opening your mind to allow your perspective to shift and see things differently.

Perspective can be many things. It can be, literally, the way we see, through the eyes. It can be how we view things through different lenses of color, media or emotions. In short, perspective is everything around us, depending on the way we view the world.

Because perspective is essentially everything and anything, it is susceptible to change. The goal of this issue is to allow you to read with an open mind, to give your perspective room to change and shift. Allow your perspective to interpret the world through the lens of the amazing Optic writers who have presented you with articles to change how you see the world.

This issue has given my perspective a chance to shift. Working with such amazing people has shifted how I view teamwork and how I view this final product. This publication has truly opened my eyes, and I believe that it will for you as well, if you open your mind to a shift in perspective.

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