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Wu-tang woos crowd

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by Sabrina Ladj
Wu-Tang Clan is back with fresh vibrant beats in its new album A Better Tomorrow. Although it’s been several years since they released the disappointing 8 Diagram, A Better Tomorrow reminds everyone why Wu-Tang ain’t nothin’ to mess with.

The group produced a mature album that highlights gang violence, poverty and the importance of family. The gritty nature of A Better Tomorrow is a throwback to “Protect Ya Neck,” the 1993 song that thrust Wu-Tang Clan from the hip-hop underground of Staten Island into the mainstream scene.
The first song, “Ruckus in B minor,” is stunning. Captivating lyrics entrance the listener and the harsh sound of the track demands attention. Dishing out philosophical advice, Method Man drops “Can’t call yourself a man until you man up” in this raw track, and this powerful momentum carries throughout the entire album.
RZA’s trademark kung-fu movie samples are evident in almost every song of this album, carrying an audacious vibe. The subtle interlude of sinister funk and soft guitar riffs add a new and previously unheard sound which is evident in “Felt.”
A Better Tomorrow is by far the most optimistic album the group has released. The album as a whole is a reminder that in the fierce hip-hop world, Wu-Tang is “still number one.”

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Wu-tang woos crowd