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Golden Globes wrap up 

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by Lydia Seaman

The Golden Globes, which aired on Jan. 12, marked the beginning of the Hollywood award show season. Hi’s Eye decided to honor this start by looking at some of the night’s top winners.

American Hustle: The biggest winner at the Golden Globes was American Hustle, winning “Best Picture, Musical or Comedy,” “Best Actress, Musical or Comedy” for Amy Adams, and “Best Supporting Actress, Musical or Comedy” for Jennifer Lawrence. Amidst the wigs, tinted shades and crazy outfits are outstanding acting performances. Every member of the all-star cast is at his or her best, portraying outlandish characters in relatable fashion. Despite the great acting, the actual plot is boring, ultimately causing the movie to drag on. The story is loosely based on true events, but it feels far-fetched as there is more attention paid to character development than the plot. Though the story is subpar, overall, American Hustle’s acting shines through all the glitter.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This fun new comedy was in no way favored to win the Golden Globe for “Best TV Comedy Series” and even more astonishing “Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series”. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a mix of a workplace comedy and a cop show. Though the lead, Adam Samberg, won for his role as Detective Jake Peralta, the supporting cast is what makes this show a true winner. The various characters do not conform to the stereotypical sitcom characters. For example, Samberg’s love interest is also his nemesis played by Melissa Fumero, who is well cast in her role as Detective Amy Santiago. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s fresh take on a sitcom will continue to produce laughs for seasons to come.

Gravity: Though Gravity only won one Golden Globe, “Best Director”, it is currently tied for the most Academy Award nominations with American Hustle, each earning 10, according to cnn.com. The plot centers around a seemingly impossible disaster in outer space, which creates a suspenseful masterpiece. The movie successfully examines and exploits the audience’s fear of the unknown.  Additionally, the special effects are impressive and are properly used to create a believable outer-space environment. Gravity’s technical aspects make the viewer feel as if they are truly a part of this stunning space experience.

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Golden Globes wrap up