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iPhone X: Is it worth it?

Peter Ghaly, R2 Sports & News Editor

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​On Sept. 12, Apple announced its most significant smartphone to date when it unveiled the iPhone X. Pronounced “iPhone 10,” the device is hailed by Apple as the crown jewel of its smartphone line.

Of course, the price tag associated with this new super-device from the most iconic smartphone developer of this century is high: The iPhone X starts at $999.

Now that the phone has been available for nearly a month, iPhone X users at WHS were asked whether or not the device is worth its hefty price tag.

Some of the new features on the iPhone X include a screen that covers the entire front surface of the phone, the lack of a traditional “home” button, wireless charging, a facial recognition unlock feature, and two back-facing cameras, among other things.

Senior Vraj Shah, who has a 256-gigabyte model of the phone, is definitely a fan of the new features. “I like the facial recognition since it makes unlocking my phone easier,” Shah said. “[It] also makes it easier to pay and download stuff.”

Senior Tess Brown, who has a 64GB model, is also impressed with some of the new features. “The Face ID is an excellent form of security,” she said. “The resolution of the screen is also really sharp. The wireless charging was a little weird at first, but I’m used to it now.”

The camera quality, something that consistently improves with new iPhone models, does not disappoint either. “The cameras on the iPhone X are breathtaking,” Brown said. “The photos come out so clear.”

With all of these high-end features packed into one 5.8-inch-long device, one could worry about the functionality of the phone and its applications. But according to these students, the phone operates seamlessly: “There aren’t really any problems,” Shah said. “The phone is fast and works really well.”

Added Brown: “If you pay off the $1,000 monthly, it is worth it. So far, I personally think the phone is worth the price.”

Shah, however, isn’t so sure that the iPhone X lives up to its value. “Overall I think it’s a good phone, but it’s not worth the price because there isn’t a whole lot different with it compared to the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus,” he said. “If you have the money, then get it, but if not, the 8 is probably a much better value.”

Despite this, both students agree that the iPhone X impresses. Other phones are great, but according to Brown, “[The iPhone X] is the best smartphone on the market.”

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