Blazing blockbusters

Nicole Eisenberg

​With summer right around the corner, movie season is now officially upon us. But what’s worth the price of admission? Hi’s Eye has compiled a list of must-sees:

Blasts from the Past
Finding Dory- June 17
The sequel to Pixar’s highly acclaimed Finding Nemo will focus on the beloved character Dory as she travels to find her family while struggling to piece together her memories. The characters who inspired us to “just keep swimming” are likely to swim right into our hearts again.

Ghostbusters- July 15
This classic 1984 movie, iconic for its theme song, is getting a makeover this summer with an entirely female cast who use their science skills to fight paranormal activity.

The Money Makers
X-Men: Apocalypse- May 27

In 2014, this movie’s prequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past, pulled in $233 million, according to Based on this series’ triumph, the X-Men: Apocalypse is likely to be victorious.

Independence Day: Resurgence- June 24
The sequel to the 1996 hit is expected to stomp out competitors. The first Independence Day defined the summer action blockbuster, reaching a national gross of $817 million. With a new cast continuing the ’96 storyline, Resurgence questions whether humans can defeat this newer, stronger race of alien invaders.

Must-Sees Because of the Actors
Neighbors 2- May 20

This sequel is bringing in the big guns…literally. Zac Efron’s pranks and lessons in Greek life help Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne take down the unruly new neighbors, sorority Kappa Nu.

Central Intelligence- June 17
This is a must-see this summer if you want to laugh your ‘hart’ out. Kevin Hart teams up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to encounter shoot-outs and espionage on a top-secret mission you won’t want to miss.