2018 Inductees

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2018 Inductees

Photo by Safiya Amin

Photo by Safiya Amin

Photo by Safiya Amin

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Mike Abeles ‘95, Lacrosse

Bonnie Bell ‘81, Field Hockey,  Softball

Lauren Caravello ‘02, Gymnastics

Tiny Condrillo ‘73, Swimming

Joey Deer ‘88, Tennis

Clint Factor ‘88, Football, Baseball

Peter Heesch ‘65, Swimming

Bill Kenny ‘69, Wrestling

Lora Masters ‘78, Swimming

Liz McKeon ‘99, Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

Doug McOwen ‘66, Swimming

Jeff Perrella ‘06, Cross Country, Winter and Spring Track/Field

Dennis Powers ‘60, Wrestling

Dave Schwartz ‘93, Swimming

Stacey Tourtellotte ‘93, Soccer

Joe Wilson ‘72, Swimming


Thom Hornish, Girls Cross Country, Spring Track/Field


1965 Football

1969, 1970 Boys Swimming

1976 Boys Cross Country/1977 Boys Spring Track/Field