‘Growing Pains’ of fame


Photo by photo courtesy of iHeart.com

The Pains of Growing Album Cover

Mary-Joy Sidhom

The album starts off sounding normal. There’s a major chord to start the song on an upbeat note, but a couple of seconds later, it goes flat. It’s comical, as if it was straight out of a coming-of-age movie—the part where everything goes downhill. And then there’s a whole new dimension added to the album: dialogue. “You’re on your own, kid.” This is the start of singer-songwriter Alessia Cara’s story as she struggles with her “growing pains.”

Cara came out with a new album, The Pains of Growing, on Nov. 30 and while it’s a strong album with good music, lyrics and rhythm, it’s so much more than that. Cara takes the definition of an album, a collection of songs, and flips it on its head. For example, there is a reprise of the first song, reflecting the structure of a musical.

This first song, “Growing Pains”, lays the foundation for this special album. It acts as an introduction to what the album is about, like an overture. It gives a sneak peak to what’s in store. It’s the beginning of a story: the rise, the fall, the struggle and the resolve.

Cara debuted in the music industry when she was 18-years-old, and being young and famous is not a easy combination. “It’s hard enough to figure yourself out at that age, but then to figure yourself out in front of many people with so many eyes on you and ears on you is very challenging,” she said in an interview with the Associated Press.

In this album, the now 22-year-old tells her listeners about the “growing pains” she’s experienced since starting in the industry four years ago. According to Cara every song on her album is written by her—and it shows. Every song is raw, passionate, realistic and uncensored.

The Pains of Growing tells a story that’s relatable to all . It’s an album meant to be played all at once, in order, as it takes listeners through a deep and powerful narrative—one about love, friendship, identity and confidence.