Bring on in-town basketball


Kyle Henderson, Iris Reviews Editor

It is a Saturday at WHS, and the squeaking sounds of sneakers and bouncing basketballs fill the hallways that were once teeming with students. This means one thing: In-town basketball is back, featuring 10 teams comprised of juniors and seniors competing for their shot to be crowned champions.

Senior Theo Schoenfeld, co-captain of the Brooklyn Nets, has played for nearly 10 years, and he loves the atmosphere that in-town provides. “I think people really enjoy the game, and enjoy the fact that they can play basketball with friends every Saturday, even if they aren’t very good,” said Schoenfeld.

Playing with friends is not the only draw of the league. “My favorite part about in-town is definitely the competitiveness of the league,” said senior Ethan Useloff, who coaches the Denver Nuggets. “You get to see a lot of different sides of your peers on the court versus [in] the classroom.”

While it seems as though all of WHS has been abuzz about in-town for the past two weeks, the senior class has been especially enthusiastic about the commencement of the league. Schoenfeld said that this enthusiasm stems from the seniors finally having the ability to draft and coach their own teams, after having been coached by adults for years.

Senior Justin Messerman, who is coaching as well as playing, said that this was something he has looked forward to for a long time. “It’s exciting to draft your own players and pick the lineups that give your team the best chance to win,” he said.

No matter what team wins, it is clear that in-town basketball is something that everyone can enjoy, and this season is sure to be a memorable one. “I’m looking forward to competing with my peers,” Useloff said. “It’s definitely something we’re gonna miss once we’re all in college, so I want to enjoy it while I can.”