The time is now for Timeless Attire


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Bloom Timeless shirt

Jake White , Business Manager

“Your passion is timeless.” This is the slogan that many entrepreneurs follow when starting their own businesses. It’s also one of the reasons junior Ari Wolf decided to name his clothing brand Timeless Attire.

Founded during the beginning of Wolf’s sophomore year, Timeless Attire produces clothing with positive vibes for high school students. The shirts possess imagery such as warm colors and flowers that are meant to evoke optimistic feelings within  the buyers.

Wolf first got the idea to start up his own clothing business during the summer of 2017 when he worked in a hat shop called New Jersey Headwear Corporation. This is where Wolf discovered his passion for clothing and design.

The first item that Wolf sold was hats that displayed a clock with Roman numerals. Wolf got the idea for this design while looking at a similar clock and as he listened to the song “Timeless” by rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Inspired, Wolf hit the ground running with Timeless.

Unfortunately, the hats ended up failing, which resulted in a tough period for Wolf. “As many of my close friends know, I had a very difficult beginning to my junior year,” Wolf said. “But I pushed through the [obstacles] and started to focus on Timeless.”

And push through he did. Wolf decided to switch things up junior year and started selling shirts, via Instagram, instead of hats. The results of this have proven tremendous. About five days after started selling the shirts, Wolf already had made a profit.

Members of the Westfield community have praised Wolf’s work ethic, including his business partner Mario Cesario, who is a local entrepreneur. Cesario said, “I’ve seen Ari has the focus, dedication, drive and the mindset to be a very successful entrepreneur and I’m happy to be part of the journey.”

Timeless customers also admire Wolf’s determination. “Through his business you can really see his passion,” said junior Dan Gunchar. “The company really has a professional feel to it.”

The difficulties that Wolf went through are what motivated him to start displaying positive images on the shirts. When asked what his favorite part of running the business was, Wolf responded, “The smiles.” Wolf receives joy himself when he sees other people happy.