’Tis the season for hot chocolate


Photo Sierra Byrne

Hot chocolate taste testing

Morgan Boll and Sierra Byrne

With the cold weather and holiday season coming up, we decided to visit six different restaurants and cafés in downtown Westfield and try their hot chocolate. Our expectations were that the hot chocolate would have a pleasant warm chocolate smell and an even mix of chocolate with milk. Ultimately, we tasted six rich cups of hot chocolate with little to no milk. While many of the drinks tasted the same, we found some minute differences within each. But to say the least, our predictions of how the hot chocolate would taste did not come close to meeting our expectations.

Roughly $20 spent

Rating scale is out of 1-5 marshmallows


Overall opinions of the best:

Morgan: I thought Vicki’s made the best hot chocolate in Westfield because it had the most chocolate flavor. 

Sierra: I thought Kilwins made the best hot chocolate in Westfield because it wasn’t a rich hot chocolate like all the other places we went to.