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In-town hysteria

Samantha Forcht, R3 Op-Ed Editor

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It’s Saturday afternoon and senior Liam Campanile is doing his pregame stretches while another in-town basketball team is finishing up the last minutes of their game. Thinking about the different shots he will take, or the plays he will run, he is getting his head in the game.
The in-town league consists of WHS students participating in weekly basketball games with organized teams. The games can be watched throughout the day on Saturdays in the WHS gymnasium. With 12 teams and 10 players per team in the junior/senior league, the atmosphere can become very competitive.

Senior Jordan Warner said, “In-town is still a competitive league, which makes the games more entertaining, which sparks the determination to win.”

For many, the in-town league gives these high schoolers a second chance at playing the sport they love, without the high commitment a travel or high school team demands.

After his high school career ended during his sophomore year, Warner thought his basketball days were gone for good. This was until he rediscovered in-town basketball. “In-town has brought back my passion for the game, and I have been playing ever since,” Warner said.

The in-town league ensures that players compete in a stress-free environment, which is why the teams are created and coached by fellow students. The presence of student coaches helps the players feel more at ease when stepping onto the court.

WHS junior Tyler Mastronardi said, “It creates a more relaxed environment to be able to communicate with your coach if you know them more as a person.”

Even though these in-town basketball games don’t always fill the bleachers, the players on the teams still make the best of it and have the time of their lives.

“Even if no one shows up to watch the games, you can tell that every kid is having fun, which is the main objective of the league in the first place,” said senior Brendan Riccardi.

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