Cafeteria B gets makeover

Decades-old murals make way for new paint job

Sarah Fox and Olivia Milford

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Out with the old, in with the new is the new motto for Cafeteria B, touting its brand-new paint job and tables which give the whole room a fresh look for 2018. But as with all major changes, the question is whether Caf B is indeed new and improved.
The old wood-paneled wall has been covered with navy blue paint and the former alternating yellow and blue walls have been covered with off-white paint. Murals painted by students from classes during the 1980s were covered over by the new paint job. Head Custodian Mr. Werner Wolf said, “It was really outdated, probably 30 or 40 years old.” Principal Dr. Derrick Nelson and the facilities manager for the district were all on board with the idea that the cafeteria needed a little makeover. Mr. Mike Morris, supervisor of maintenance and grounds for the district, said, “I go around and sit down with the principals and talk about the five-year plan. This was one of the things on Dr. Nelson’s list to be done.”
Said Nelson: “The murals were very nice, but the paint was fading and it was just time to start fresh.”
Art Teacher Ms. Leah Jarvis looks optimistically at the paint job. “This is a new look; it brightens and cleans it up,” she said.
But not all WHS students and staff are happy with the new changes. “The whole room looks a lot smaller and I wish the murals hadn’t been taken down,” said sophomore Anna Swartz. “I hope they repaint new ones to brighten up the room.”
Senior Mia DeVito feels similarly, as she thinks the murals were fun and the new paint job looks very boring. “It really took away the character and the good vibes that were in this cafeteria,” said DeVito.
The administration promises that students who aren’t ecstatic with the new look have nothing to fear. “Painting over those murals was one of the hardest things,” said Nelson. “Luckily, we took pictures of them, so we will frame them and put them around the school so we don’t lose them altogether.”
The murals were a part of WHS history and although they are not physically there, they will be remembered and seen by those who continue to come into the school.
    And the blank walls could signal an opportunity for current students to leave their marks on the school.
“There’s a chance that new murals will be painted and I am open to any student suggestions on what they would be,” said Nelson. “Traditionally, the other murals that have been painted around the school have been done as senior projects, so a student could continue that tradition in the cafeteria.”
Whatever the future may hold for Caf B, it is in our hands now.
“You’ll make new history in here,” Jarvis said.