Wonder Woman

Peter Ghaly, R2 Sports/News Editor

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman may not have been the best film of 2017, but it certainly offered something new and refreshing for superhero films. While this comic book character has been in the DC lore since the 1940s, her first big-screen appearance wasn’t until 2016 when she appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Finally the focus of her own film, the beloved superhero (played by Gal Gadot) gave viewers an exciting tale while not being too predictable. Wonder Woman adapts to its modern platform well considering that the events take place during World War I, providing viewers with well-scripted comedy, a thrilling dose of powerful superhero abilities and not-too-cheesy romance. It serves as a fine addition to the long collection of modern superhero movies under Marvel and DC, as well as being a very good introductory film to those who aren’t familiar with superhero movies.
While I enjoyed the movie, it was difficult for me to find a personal connection with Wonder Woman, but I think that was the point. Superhero films have always been tailored to impress boys with heroic male characters. The fact that I was able to enjoy Wonder Woman while knowing the film has a female protagonist speaks to how diverse and well-made it is.
Because of its pioneer status as a female-led superhero film and its success amongst viewers and the box office, Wonder Woman will go down as one of the more memorable films of 2017.
While it’s enjoyable for people of all ages, Wonder Woman is most effective at drawing in a demographic of female fans with a strong, awe-inspiring female lead. This is a valuable element that traditional heroes such as Batman or Spiderman simply can’t replicate.