Beauty and the Beast

Rollins Terry, R3 Editor-in-Chief

​      When Disney released its live-action rendition of Beauty and the Beast, I was not first in line to see it. I was never a Belle fan growing up; it’s one of the only Disney movies whose storyline I cannot recite. But when I eventually sat down to watch it via On Demand, I found that this unfamiliarity made the film that much more engaging, because I was discovering the characters and their world for the first time.
      Even for those who have seen the animated film countless times, the live-action Beauty and the Beast is a standout. It is the perfect family-friendly movie, which is refreshing given the increasingly profane nature of so many popular films and TV shows. Still, the story is compelling and beautifully told—it didn’t feel overly childish despite being a Disney princess film.

      The CGI was very well done, and allowed the whimsical setting to come alive in a new way, especially through the endearing characters of Mrs. Potts and Chip. And of course, as with any Disney classic, the soundtrack was running through my brain for days to come, especially the Ariana Grande and John Legend cover of “Beauty and the Beast.”

      Though not a contender for this year’s major Academy Awards, Beauty and the Beast deserves to be recognized for the way it revives an old story into a fresh and engaging feature film that allows newcomers and Disney die-hards alike to discover the magic of the story in a new way.