Pitch Perfect 3

Haley Tomaso, R1 News Editor

      Get your pitch pipes ready, ladies, and saddle up for the trequel in this Pitch Perfect series.

​      Director Trish Sie has brought the Barden Bellas, nicknamed the Bellas, back for one last hoorah as they embark on their final singing competition in front of several military bases around the world.

      If you are unaware of who or what the Bellas are, here’s a little recap: The Bellas are an a cappella singing group from Barden University, where a cappella groups are as popular as the football team. Beca Mitchell (played by Anna Kendrick) is a member of the group who, like its other members, has a passion for making music with only her mouth.

      Pitch Perfect 3 stars all of the original Bellas from the previous two movies but also includes “Saddle Up” and “EverMoist,” two new bands that use real instruments when making music. Now that they’re no longer attending Barden University, the Bellas are the odd ones out as they need to compete with those other bands for a spot on DJ Khaled’s tour.

      During the movie, I was laughing out of my seat with each joke Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) said. Watching this movie with my soccer teammates made the wait worthwhile as we sang along to each song the Bellas performed. The Bellas’ friendship mirrored our closeness as a team.
Just as my friends and I embark on the new journeys that await us, the end of Pitch Perfect 3 is the icing on the cake as the Bellas reunite for one last song before they part ways.