NJSIAA announces update on spring sports season


Photo by Jerseysportszone

Spring sport update for student athletes.

Grace Friedberg, Web/Social Media Editor

On April 10, the NJSIAA held a virtual meeting with its league and conference officers to evaluate the possible adjustments that could be made to the high school spring sports season if and when students across the state are allowed to return to athletic activities. 

As a result of the conference with the NJSIAA staff, they decided to modify all spring sports seasons and extend them until June 30; however, the seasons will not continue past that date. As always, student athletes will be required to participate in six days of practice and one day of rest before they can play in a game. Scrimmages now will be permitted after the completion of the first three practices and will count towards the additional practice days.

Receiving this information has given senior student athletes hope that their final seasons at WHS may not be completely canceled. Senior Joe Rigney reflected on the impact this announcement has on his final baseball season at WHS: “Personally, I was excited to hear that there was still a chance to play one last time. The absence of a senior season is anticlimactic to say the least. The majority of the team will not play competitive baseball after high school, so it’s reassuring that we might have some sliver of a season.”

Not only has this message given confidence to student athletes that their seasons will continue, but it also has been uplifting to coaches as well. Girls Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach Abby Cohn said in a recent interview with Hi’s Eye, “My reaction to finding out that our season could possibly be extended was a positive one. I was already very hopeful and the announcement by the NJSIAA solidified my optimism. We are fortunate that the NJSIAA came together to create an extended, modified schedule for us if we are to return to school.”

According to the NJSIAA, if athletics are authorized to take place prior to May 25, then modified sectional tournaments will take place in late June; however, if the return to athletics is permitted after May 25, the sectional tournaments will not occur. 

After reviewing the statement by the NJSIAA, Athletic Director Sandy Mamary felt hopeful that the NJSIAA isn’t giving up on the spring sports seasons and they are doing everything they can to allow the athletes to play. “It would be worth it if we could have six weeks of play and it would be worth it if we had any time to come back and play,” said Mamary. “So much work goes into a season and it would be cruel if we couldn’t have any of that work be demonstrated.”

The NJSIAA concludes its statement by reminding all athletes of the mandatory social distancing restrictions that are in place. Further updates will be posted when the staff receives new information from the Governor’s Office and public health officials.