The ultimate guide to a socially distanced summer

Will McGlynn , R2 Sports Editor

You can still do everything you normally would this summer, except you just can’t really touch anybody. Or anything for that matter,—actually, don’t go within six feet of anybody. Yeah, so this list was a bit challenging to make. Normally I’d say to go visit some awesome water parks or to go to camp, but that’s not really possible this year. So this list might be a little different than usual but it’s still full of fun stuff to do.

Go to the beach– Although you can’t really do everything you normally would at the beach,  there’s still plenty to enjoy. Going down for a nice walk on the beach and enjoying the lovely view with your family is a great way to spend a summer day. 

Actually follow through on your New Year’s resolution– Okay so if we’re being honest, no one actually sticks with their New Year’s resolution. It just doesn’t happen. But, now that there’s no school and no more schoolwork or other extracurricular activities to do, why not look back to January 1 and decide to eat healthier and go on that walk you promised yourself you’d do every day. 

Eat out (sorta)– So you might not be able to necessarily sit down inside at a restaurant, but there’s no reason you can’t order some great food or find a cool place with outdoor dining. My family recently discovered Outta Hand Pizza on South Avenue and now we order from there all the time. You have the whole summer free so why not venture out and try something new. 

Watch Netflix– Now I’m sure everyone’s been doing this already, but this summer, in particular, is perfect for binging. Whether it’s Tiger King, West Wing, or anything in between, binging this summer is going to be better than ever. 

Find a good book– With not much else to do,  now is the perfect time to pick up a good book. Who doesn’t love sitting outside on a beautiful summer day reading a good book? Plus, all your teachers will like you better if you say you read over the summer; it makes you sound smart. 

Talk to your friends (at a distance)– Fortunately, you can still see your friends all summer. Whether it’s talking across the street or going on a bike ride together, you can still have fun with your friends outside six feet apart. 

Pay attention to Governor Murphy– Pretty much every day new services are opening up and people are permitted to do more things. Paying attention to Governor Murphy will give you something to do and stay up to date on what you are allowed to do. Just follow Governor Murphy on twitter @Njgov and keep up to date on all that is going on.