Euphoria: ‘Part Two Jules’

A raw and realistic exchange of vulnerability


Photo courtesy of Instagram @euphoria

“Part Two: Jules” poster

After season one of HBO’s Euphoria was released in June 2019, viewers have been raving about the show, eagerly awaiting season two. In the meantime, the Emmy award-winning series released two special episodes, giving an in-depth look into the perspective of two characters: Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer).

About a month after “Part One: Rue” was released, “Part Two: Jules” premiered on Jan. 24. Depicting an hour-long conversation between Rue and her sponsor in part one, part two portrayed a deep conversation be- tween Jules and her therapist. Covering an honest discussion regarding Jules’s feelings about her femininity, relationships, identity issues and more, the episode indulges in a multitude of raw and intriguing topics, making it almost impossible for us to draw our eyes away from the screen.

The episode begins with Jules in her therapist’s office, reflecting on some of what happened in the previous season. As Jules speaks, the camera shifts into a series of flashbacks that reflect in Jules’s eye. As various images from her past are projected alongside Lorde’s song “Liability,” the scene gives an emotional and beautiful entryway into the episode.

Since this special switches be- tween memories Jules had as she speaks on different topics, it is more engaging in comparison to part one, which was an unedited conversation without any alternating between scenes. These flashbacks gave an honest depiction of Jules’s online relationship from last season in addition to her mother’s drug use.

The cinematography throughout the special is expressive and captivating, such as one scene which includes a flashback of Jules at the beach as she expresses her thoughts on femininity. A lot of what Jules speaks about progresses into her expressing how she perceives her relationship with Rue. This allows Jules to cover some things that were left unanswered between her and Rue last season.

A lot of the themes throughout this special are also hauntingly relatable, leaving us with a feeling of empathy after the episode gives a vulnerable look into how Jules struggles to find herself. Schafer and Zendaya both gave very impressive performances in the specials.

“Part Two: Jules” was satisfying for Euphoria’s audience and the gripping cliffhanger of the episode will definitely keep viewers engaged until season two drops.