Polo G shows his potential for the ‘Hall of Fame’ with his new album


Photo courtesy of Columbia Records

Polo G’s new album cover

For hip-hop, most lyrics are usually based on the struggles artists have faced when growing up. Taurus Bartlett, better known by his stage name Polo G, did not shy away from that in his third album titled Hall of Fame. This album, via Columbia Records, came with many features from well-known artists such as Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, along with less mainstream artists such as Scorey and Rod Wave. Of the 20 songs on the album, here is a list of our top 10 tracks: 

“Party Lyfe” (feat. DaBaby) – Taking influence from a consistent theme on Kid Cudi tracks, Party Lyfe demonstrates how the party culture that many stars live only serves as an escape from their pain. The track begins and ends with a chill, melodic tone from Polo G, and includes a strong verse in the middle from popular rapper DaBaby. This will seemingly be a hit, containing two of the most popular artists right now. 

“Heart of a Giant” (feat. Rod Wave) – This track features verses from another up-and-coming rapper, Rod Wave. Wave is known for both his melodic rap and storytelling abilities. Polo G once again shows his versatility by matching Wave’s melodic style to put forward a catchy and meaningful track.

“Broken Guitars” (feat. Scorey) – This track also features a guitar-led beat, matching the rock & roll rap style that Polo G has popularized. Polo G frequently reminiscences about his past of little opportunities to where he is now, giving the song an inspirational theme. The track also features up-and-coming rapper Scorey, who complements the back end of the song very well as possessing an extremely similar style to Polo G.

“Gang Gang” (feat. Lil Wayne) – This track is listed as a collaboration of both Polo G and Lil Wayne. With Wayne on the track, one might wonder if his lyrical greatness will overshadow Polo G’s growing ability. However, this is not true, as the two work together to put out a track that is equally carried by both of them.

“Boom” – This is easily the most hardcore track on the album, featuring an aggressive flow with powerful beat drops. This song can quickly pump up the listener, serving well for athletic motivation or a party atmosphere. Like “Clueless” (number 5), this track also matches the drill style that Polo G frequently uses to hype up his audience. 

“Clueless” (feat. Pop Smoke & Fivio Foreign) – This track demonstrates Polo G’s versatility as it is considered to be of the drill genre, music recognized for its nihilistic, aggressive lyrics and beats. The drill scene has been exploding in the past few years and this track features two of the hottest drill artists coming out of Brooklyn, New York. The beat has the go-to drill hi-hat pattern that makes the style so popular among rap fans. Polo G has the ability to match the drill flow of Pop and Fivio which allows the track to flow extremely well. 

“Rapstar” – Rapstar is truly a career-defining song for Polo G. Being one of the most popular rap songs of 2021 (this single was released back in April), it is an incredibly catchy track that can be recognized by all rap-listeners of today. The theme of the song depicts how much Polo G’s life has changed through his massive success in the past few years. The track goes through his financial luxuries, as well as how his fame has made him more aware of how to avoid distractions that keep him from succeeding. 

“No Return” (feat. The Kid LAROI & Lil Durk) – This track features a chorus from up-and-coming Australian rapper The Kid LAROI. LAROI contrasts Durk and Polo G’s lyrical rap with a melodic chorus that gives the track a catchy feel. Lil Durk adds a verse that fits into Polo G’s rapping style. His verse adds less diversity to the track than LAROI’s but Durk’s flow is unmatched. We believe that this track has the potential to rival the mainstream success of “Rapstar.”

“Toxic” – This song demonstrates the edge that Polo G still has from his past involvement in gang culture. Being one of the strongest tracks on the album, it puts Polo G’s pure talent under a microscope as he is able to ride an aggressive tone while still displaying melodic sounds. The beat is a consistent guitar-based riff with bass hits, and Polo G’s flow is able to complement the beat in an impressive fashion.

“Bloody Canvas” – This track is the final, and by far the best track on the album. It showcases Polo G’s storytelling ability by using an emotionally charged beat to tell a story from his childhood. The beat features a guitar for the melody with a strong, but subtle, bass and kick line. With no chorus present, Polo G uses the entire track to tell listeners about his friend Jacob who was shot and killed in an act of gang warfare. 

While Polo G has put out impressive albums in the past that rival Hall of Fame, we think it is fair to say that this has been his best album yet. Including a large variety of talented features, as well as a showcase of notable solos, Polo G continues to demonstrate the immense potential he has for the future of hip-hop. Overall, the album sets the bar high for future albums to come.