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We need better access to birth control

Avery Conrad, R1 News Editor

March 4, 2019

Forty-six years after Roe v. Wade guaranteed women the right to a safe abortion, the decision is still being disputed by pro-lifers across the country. However, the same politicians that denounce abortion as murder are often the...

Letter to the editor

Mark Johnson

February 25, 2019

Two weeks ago, there was an article published about “cancel culture”: how one mistake can ruin the life of anyone in the spotlight. Kevin Hart was the principal name mentioned, and the article referenced how he stepped do...

‘Rad Women’ of WHS

‘Rad Women’ of WHS

Fiona Gillen, R1 Editor-in-Chief

February 25, 2019

Hatch clarification on ‘cancel culture’ article

Brianna Hatch, R1 Op-Ed Editor/Business Manager

February 21, 2019

Like I said in my last article, everyone makes mistakes—and this was one of mine. Lack of clarity was my mistake. Whether Hart is worthy of the forgiveness I called for in my last article is not yet confirmed—he has not done...

Stressful for one. Stressful for all.

Amanda Pyle

January 22, 2019

Students Test too close to midterms “I should be revieiwing for midterms, it’s too late to be having a unit test.” Getting a big review too close to midterms “How can they expect me to study ALL of this information i...