WHS indie-rock band Lucky Profit makes a splash

Lucky Profit performing at the Stone Pony (Photo courtesy of Instagram @lucky_profit)

“We were about to go on stage for the first time as a full band and we realized we didn’t have a name yet. I talked to a bunch of random people backstage and asked them to think of some random words. Eventually, I got Lucky Profit,” said drummer of Lucky Profit and WHS senior Aidan Supranowitz.

Lucky Profit first took the stage last year when then-juniors Supranowitz, Matt Levine (guitar), Asher Gefland (bass) and fellow WHS student Samantha Smith (singer) came together to form an indie-rock band after going to the same music school, RMC Studios. “We all went, and still go to, the same music school… [and] someone suggested putting the best of the best together. Lucky Profit is what came out,” explained Supranowitz.

Since their creation, Lucky Profit has made a splash on the music scene in the tri-state area. While Lucky Profit started in Garwood, they have greatly expanded their resume, playing locally in Millburn and at downtown events, such as Garwood Rocks and Westfield’s AddamsFest. They have also performed professional gigs at House of Independents in Asbury Park, Union County Performing Arts Center and the Stone Pony. They even had the opportunity to play on the radio station 107.1, The Peak.

Smith said “One of my favorite experiences with the band was performing at the Stony Pony in Asbury Park. We [also] have performed all over New Jersey, in New York at Bowery Electric and for one of my charity concerts called Gig for Good.”

Supranowitz acknowledged the incredible opportunities being in a band has given him. “I personally love performing live because when I watch videos of me playing, I see true happiness in my eyes. I can’t help but have fun.”

While Lucky Profit specializes in indie-rock music, performing different covers at each gig in addition to their usual crowd pleasers, they also perform original songs created by the band members. 

Lucky Profit performing at the Stone Pony (Photo courtesy of Instagram @lucky_profit)

“Matt Levine, our guitar player, writes the lyrics and basic chords. It then goes through a sort of vetting process. We work on structure, feel and different chord progressions that make the song more appealing and professional. Once we have a song down, we perform it live a couple of times and revise. We’ve actually recorded four songs professionally that will be coming out on our album on all streaming services, hopefully very soon,” Supranowitz explained.

In order to perform at this level, Lucky Profit practices two to three days a week and plays events during the week and on the weekends. Levine described the group’s dynamic as “[Exceeding] all expectations. The group is not only incredibly talented, but we just work so well together. Our practices are serious, funny, messy and raw. Every time we get together to practice it’s a top moment of my life. It’s a great way to disconnect, play music amongst like-minded individuals and have a lot of fun.”

In the future, Lucky Profit hopes to keep performing and making music together despite being separated when leaving for college. Lucky Profit definitely has a star-studded future ahead.  

“We have shows that we’re playing all throughout the spring and summer time until we go off to college, but I think the band’s goals, at least one of my goals, is to make sure we get the rest of the EP released. Everything has been recorded and mixed, there’s just a couple small tweaks we want to make until it’s ready to go. That’s really exciting for us,” said Levine.

You can find Lucky Profit on Instagram @lucky_profit, buy a Lucky Profit shirt on RMC Studios’ website or stream their single, “Leave the Light On,” on Spotify.