Meet the new SGA Executive Board


Photo courtesy of SGA

SGA Executive Board 2022-2023: Casey Isser, Brooke Horowitz, Kaitlynn Czarnecki, Pat Lanza and Jared Goldman (left to right)

Pat Lanza (President)

Pat Lanza will serve as the president of the Student Government Association (SGA) after completing his junior year as the 2021-2022 treasurer. As president, Lanza is expected to attend monthly PTSO meetings, create the agenda and lead daily meetings with the officers, delegate responsibilities to other officers and work with the administration to represent the student body. “My goal for next year is to improve school spirit. SGA was really lucky this year because we were able to have all of our events with minimal disruption due to COVID-19. To improve school spirit we will be having more spirit weeks, more competitive teams for student-teacher games and try to combine the homecoming dance with a football game,” said Lanza.

Jared Goldman (Vice President)

Jared Goldman will assume the role of Vice President after finishing his junior year as the 2021-2022 Corresponding Secretary. As Vice President, Goldman will assist the President and assume the role when Lanza is unavailable, serve as the liaison between the SGA Officers and representatives and also work with the administration to represent the student body. Goldman echoed Lanza’s goal for increasing school spirit and added, “This year, the [senior homecoming, student-teacher basketball game, pep rally and underclassmen dance] all [had] great turnouts, and, for next year, we look to have even more energy and excitement surrounding the events. We also want to encourage other students to use their voices as the SGA is always open to hearing ideas from students on how the environment within WHS can be improved.”

Casey Isser (Treasurer)

Casey Isser will be the SGA treasurer for his junior year. As treasurer, Isser is responsible for keeping a detailed account of SGA expenses, running a budget total and completing all paperwork involving SGA funds. Isser explained his vision for WHS next year. “My goals for next year are to boost school spirit and raise money for charities. I also want to give the student body a more active role in decisions by giving them opportunities to request events and changes for the school. I can’t wait to work with the other board members next year and help make next year great.”

Brooke Horowitz (Recording Secretary)

Brooke Horowitz will become the recording secretary as a WHS junior. As recording secretary, Horowitz will assist the President with the organization of all SGA business, keep detailed and accurate records of SGA business and create, organize and maintain all copies of SGA documents. Horowitz has high hopes for next year. “My main goals for the upcoming year are to bring [WHS] back to its full potential in relation to all events. I also want to continue to plan events that will raise school spirit and unify the school. I am super excited for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to work with the rest of the [Executive] Board to make WHS the best place it can be.”

Kaitlynn Czarnecki (Corresponding Secretary) 

Kaitlynn Czarnecki will kick off her junior year as the Corresponding Secretary. This role includes coordinating, maintaining and keeping detailed records of all correspondence between SGA and other organizations, handling fundraiser requests from clubs, making the monthly “Music in the Halls” playlists, handling SGA website updates, organizing the SGA display case and advertising SGA goods and events. Czarnecki hopes that next year she can “increase school spirit, raise money for charity and create fun events to get people of the school involved.” She also said, “I am so excited to be a part of the SGA Executive Board, and I cannot wait to see what next year brings for WHS.”