Dorm items worth more of an investment than your tuition


As graduating seniors finalize their plans for next year, many may find themselves scavenging lists of last minute necessities for their new living spaces in the fall. To help seniors better prepare, here is a quick rundown of the most crucial necessities for your dorm room.


A fan is extremely important to keep in your dorm room as most freshmen dorms are old and/or lack air conditioning. The heat of the summer months and a change in your regular climate, if you will be moving down south, are crucial factors to consider when purchasing this item. Unfortunately, for the students moving to colder campuses, space heaters are not normally welcomed.   

 Mini Vacuum

Not only is it adorable, but a miniature vacuum is essential for a college dorm. There are bound to be crumbs on the floor or, let’s face it, in your bed. Don’t neglect the importance of cleanliness! 

Stain Remover

These stain removers are the perfect way to make a good first impression on a night out when someone accidentally gets a stain on themselves. Being an easy item to toss into your purse or pocket, stain removers will save at least one of your favorite pieces of clothing at a party… I mean club meeting.

Air purifier

For all of the students with seasonal allergies, the last thing you want is to have a runny nose while studying or trying to sleep with another person a few feet over. An air purifier filters your dorm air and creates better quality air for both parties.

Power Strip

A dorm room only comes with a limited amount of outlets for all of your essentials. Therefore, having a safe power strip creates more places to charge laptops and phones is very convenient.

Shower Caddy

Shower caddies allow you to carry your showering products to and from the bathroom with ease. You won’t forget anything in your dorm because it’s always kept in the caddy!

Bed Risers

Some schools might not have the option to raise beds for added storage space, however, with bed risers  there is more space for all your essentials in your small dorm room.