Bleeding Blue: The SGA’s plans to restore school spirit


Photo courtesy by SGA

The SGA at Students vs.Teachers Pink Out volleyball game on Sept. 30

After being limited by COVID-19 restrictions, the SGA intends to have Blue Devil spirit at an all-time high this school year. With President Pat Lanza and Vice President Jared Goldman leading the group, students can expect a year chock-full of events, both new and returning.

Last Friday marked the kickoff of two new traditions being implemented this year: monthly spirit days and quarterly Students vs. Teachers events. Students were urged to wear pink on Sept. 30 to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness, which was the first of 10 themed days that will take place on the final Friday of each month. Some future themes may include “Groutfit (gray outfit) Day,” “Surfers/Bikers Day” and even “Dress Like Adam Sandler Day.”

The staff will face off against students once again during the Pep Rally and at the basketball game, both returning from last year by popular demand.

The fourth and final Students vs. Teachers event may allow for more creativity, so students who are not as interested in athletics will have other opportunities to get involved. While the specifics are not yet solidified, Goldman said, “In the spring, we are talking about doing something fine arts related such as a talent show or a lip sync [contest].”

The next traditional event on the roster is the fall homecoming dance on Nov. 22, which will be open to both juniors and seniors. Those in attendance will have the chance to enjoy a live DJ and food from Chick-fil-A. A homecoming court will be also be voted on and outside dates
will be allowed.

A new approach is being taken concerning the date of the dance as it will now be from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Each day of the shortened week will be themed to generate school spirit heading into homecoming and the Pep Rally on Nov. 23.

While underclassmen are not able to attend homecoming, they will be having their own semi-formal in the spring, where they will also be allowed to bring outside dates.

The SGA hopes to make up for all that has been missed due to COVID-19 limitations. “This year’s current juniors and seniors had a very atypical entrance into high school. They didn’t get to experience all that school spirit as much, so we are trying to bring that back, reinforce it and get the hype going,” said SGA Advisor Callie Campbell.

For this reason, some additional senior-oriented events may be popping up later this year. Campbell said, “We have been exploring a ‘senior sunrise’ in which all seniors could have breakfast and watch the sunrise together. At the end of the year, we hope to parallel that with a ‘senior sunset.’”

As the school looks forward to an event-filled year, Goldman emphasized the role he hopes the SGA will play for the WHS community. “We want to create a positive and welcoming environment for all of the students this year. We want everyone to feel represented and included.”

Lanza reiterated these inclusive sentiments. “Our major goal is to become the true voice of the students. We encourage all students to reach out to us at any time to talk to an officer about any issues they think we can address.”

To contact the SGA with any questions, suggestions or concerns, you can reach out on Instagram @whssga1 or via their new district email, [email protected].