Mohammed: Your friendly neighborhood ice cream man


Photo by Sam Perez

Mohammed spotted outside Lincoln School on a Friday afternoon

The cheery jingle of his truck plays in the distance on your way home from school. Your feet pick up the pace as you race to reach his truck. You’re greeted with his friendly smile at the window as you place your order. You know him, you love him. It’s Mohammed, Wesfield’s favorite ice cream man.

For the past 16 years Westfield’s Penguin Ice Cream Truck scene has centered around Mohammed and his adored ice cream truck. Nearly everyone in Westfield looks forward to his frequent appearances at sports games, school dances and countless other local events.

As the only man driving his trucks, Mohammed takes pride in his seasonal profession. He said, “It allows me to make an honest living with flexible hours and an opportunity to work with others.”

Despite being an ice cream professional of 16 years (starting as a company employee and eventually establishing his own truck), Mohammed’s job is far from easy. “The days are long and I work in extreme temperatures for months. The demand is very high, especially during the summer months and I had to travel to various vendors in order to be able to provide everyone with their favorite ice creams due to an ice cream shortage,” he explained.

Ever wonder how Mohammed manages to attend every ice cream event? Well, it turns out there’s a method behind the madness. “I establish my routes for the day based on the events going on in town such as block parties, school events, birthday parties, recreational events and the places people usually visit throughout their day, such as the local parks or community centers,” he said.

Mohammed’s hard work proves to be worth it from the smiling faces he meets. “My favorite part is seeing all my customers smile once they hear my music playing and see my truck come by.”

Many Westfield residents have expressed the positive impact that Mohammed has had. Being the face of the local ice cream business, Mohammed has even become personal friends with numerous teachers at local schools and YMCA supervisors.

Senior Vincent Binetti said, “Whenever I hear that ice cream jingle, the first thing that comes to mind is Mohammed. When I did Westfield rec camp all throughout elementary and middle school, Mohammed would always show up.”

Mohammad has played a prominent role in nearly every Westfield kid’s life, many of whom still reflect on the memories he helped create. Sophomore Sloane Dossin said, “It’s like a big childhood instinct to run after Mohammed’s truck. I don’t do that anymore unfortunately, but I definitely still have that instinct whenever I hear his music.”

Mohammed has served residents of Westfield in more ways than one, not only through celebrations, but also through meaningful tributes for the Westfield community. “I was asked to serve ice cream to all the guests at a funeral. The family wanted a way to honor their dad’s memory so they chose his favorite dessert to share with all their friends and family,” he said.

Mohammed believes the relationships he’s formed over the past 16 years will stick with him for the rest of his life and continue to make all of his hard work and dedication worth it in the end. Mohammed said, “One of my favorite customers always has me celebrate her birthday with her each year. I’ve been attending her birthday party for the last 15 years and she just turned 95.”

Between birthdays, day camps, concerts and memorable occasions, Mohammed has managed to form personal connections throughout the town of Westfield. As an essential member of the Westfield community, Mohammed always has your back, and your ice cream order.