Hot or Not? The Hot Girl Walk


Photo courtesy of Kylie Harris

The Dallas Hot Girl Walking Club walking the Katy Trail in Dallas, TX, for their annual Wednesday meeting

She tied up her exercising shoes, like any average walker. She filled up her water bottle,  like any average walker. She put in her airpods, turned up her music and started her mile tracker, like any other average walker. 

But for Mia Lind, she was not like any average walker. As her white Nike sneakers hit the ground at a solid pace, her pump-up playlist was blasting into her ears while wearing a trendy workout set. Within the next hour, she would have completed her exercise known as the Hot Girl Walk.

The HGW is a fitness and lifestyle trend that originated on TikTok by 23-year-old USC Alum, Mia Lind, after feeling cooped up in her home during COVID-19.

Explained on Lind’s TikTok account, @exactlylikeothergirls, the HGW is a four-mile mindfulness walk where you can only think about three things: what you’re grateful for, goals you want to achieve and how hot you are. 

Lind also prohibits partakers from dwelling on any drama and instead encourages them to drown out any overwhelming thoughts with an inspirational podcast or some good tunes. 

Lind hopes participants are capable of carrying out an optimistic mindset even after the walk is complete. 

Following Lind’s TikTok fame after obtaining almost half-a-million views on her profile, she has since been able to reach the lives of many other young women across the globe, including Texas A&M graduate and Austin native, Kylie Harris, who formed the Dallas Hot Girl Walking Club after feeling a sense of loneliness. The DHGWC has attracted over 200 participants between ages 20-30 from all around the local area. 

Every Wednesday, the DHGWC meets at 6:30 p.m. to walk the Katy Trail in Dallas, TX, for around 45 minutes. Afterwards, the group grabs food at a local restaurant called The Ice House to get to know one another on a deeper level. Anyone is welcome to join, even if it includes their dogs and babies. 

 Harris explained that the DHGWC “offers a community where you can meet new people and have a chance to connect with other girls going through similar things. It is such a safe space where you can go up to anyone and say hey without feeling judged.”

Fitness Trainer Alexandra Materski also has a positive outlook on walking that involves many physical and mental benefits for one’s day-to-day life. 

“Walking helps release certain hormones like endorphins which increases your energy and helps people feel more productive. It is a huge stress reliever and everyone should try to go on a 20-30 minute walk each day.”

Since many females often go outside and exercise for a good amount of time, most wear an outfit they will feel confident and comfortable in, whether it’s Lululemon or a dupe found on Amazon. 

“I typically wear leggings or biker shorts with a sports bra and depending on the weather, a sweatshirt,” said avid walker and Arizona State student, Brooklyn Jacobson.

No matter the outfit, no matter the weather, no matter who you are walking with and no matter the place, as long as the Hot-Girl Walker is feeling hot from within means she has successfully completed the task.