Who wants to get “Mic’d Up” this Friday?


Photo by Ciara Dursee

Freshman Sofia Buoscio interviewing Social Studies Teacher Antony Farag on “Mic’d Up Friday”

Who would have thought a first-year student at WHS could have such an immense impact on the school community? Freshman Sofia Buoscio has promoted a welcoming environment for students, while also creating a school-wide fandom with her WHS “Mic’d Up” TikTok videos.

Buoscio started her TikTok platform this past October. While starting as a joke with a mini microphone, it slowly transformed into a popular WHS-based social media page. “Mic’d Up Fridays” are becoming a regular event that students look forward to each week. Now with over 600 followers, and gaining thousands of views on each post, Buoscio has single-handedly produced a broad network of connectivity and positive interactions among WHS students and teachers.

Each episode of “Mic’d Up” contains a series of questions that Buoscio asks a student every Friday. The short clips contain funny messages, all broadcasted to the public to see, share and follow. Whether it’s a debate over Chipotle or Qdoba, choosing Michael Jordan over Lebron James or simply naming the first three people that come to mind, students are always ready to participate in Buoscio’s content.

With these segments becoming more well-known, students look to join in on the entertainment. “I’ve had people come up to me in the halls and ask, ‘Are you doing Mic’d Up today?’ so I think it makes other people happy and it’s something fun I look forward to as well,” Buoscio said.

Teachers have even participated in the reels and shared their responses in the media. Social Studies Teacher Antony Farag has been featured on the account a few times and is adamant about how “mundane questions” can provide an exciting social impact. Farag said, “I think it does build up a bit of a community amongst the entire school [because] the nature of the questions are so relatable.”

While “Mic’d Up Fridays” create a social activity for active participants in the videos, they also allow Buoscio to get to know her classmates and peers. She said, “This account has brought so many new friendships and [Mic’d Up] definitely gets me excited for Friday, knowing that I’ll be able to interact with new people.”

Buoscio has been able to meet and connect with students from all grade levels, which has been crucial in her transition to high school. “It’s very impressive that she’s a freshman. [Buoscio is] learning how to come into the school, while having the confidence to just walk around and ask random people their opinions,” said Farag.

Senior Anthony Buoscio, brother of Sofia, said, “I think [Sofia is] bringing a fun activity that the whole WHS community can participate in every Friday.”

“Mic’d Up” is planning to continue throughout the rest of the school year, and looks to grow in popularity as Buoscio’s platform progresses. Follow “Mic’d Up Fridays” @whsmicd to join in on the fun.