Millburn Deli opens new location in Westfield


Photo by Taylor Zinnie

Inside the newly-opened Millburn Deli in downtown Westfield

On March 13, following a soft opening that began four days prior and served only first responders, the highly-anticipated Millburn Deli officially opened its doors in the heart of downtown Westfield. The shop is located in the space formerly occupied by Jersey Mike’s and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs at 144 East Broad Street.

This is the fourth location, following stores in Montclair, Morristown and Millburn. The original Millburn Deli dates back to 1946 and has since become known for its extensive menu, including turkey, ham, beef and chicken sandwiches as well as sloppy Joes.

This new addition to Westfield has been a long time coming according to Millburn Deli Owner Rich Nemet. “We initially met with the mayor around two and a half years ago,” said Nemet. “We thought that it was too close to the original location, but [the mayor] wore us down.”

Westfield also presented itself as the ideal spot for further expansion as residents tend to frequent the other deli locations. Nemet said that the town was a clear hotspot for DoorDash deliveries at the original deli in Millburn and many WHS students were regulars there.

With a much smaller storefront than that of the flagship location, Millburn Deli in Westfield offers solely takeout and delivery options. The location does have multiple electronic kiosks for quick ordering, a service not available at the Millburn location. With no seating and only two stand-up bars, this location does not cater to those who want a dine-in experience.

For some, this was seen as a drawback of the new location. Senior Julia Consales said, “I just wish it was bigger and I wish that there was seating inside because it would be more fun to sit down and eat with friends.” However, for Consales, the friendly staff made her feel welcome.

The lack of seating isn’t the only difference with this location, as it is also devoid of the extensive salad bar that is available at the Millburn location, with certain menu items being unavailable as a result. Regarding the differences, Nemet said, “I’d say minor things [are different], like we don’t do egg salad here. We don’t do shrimp salad here. We don’t do breakfast here.”

However, the fast-paced environment is similar to that of the Millburn location. Cashier Peter Leonardis said, “There’s [always] someone that’s calling out orders. There are chefs making stuff, so it’s more of a high-stress environment, high octane, a lot of stuff going on, but it’s fun. You learn a lot of things on the fly.”

Though the takeout-only nature of the new Millburn Deli has maintained efficiency, some customers feel it may detract from the cozy feel of the original location. Consales said, “The new store feels more like a chain and less authentic to the original.” This sentiment was echoed by sophomore Emma Sullivan, who said, “I found the service to be equal, but the Millburn location definitely feels more genuine.”

Despite the change in atmosphere, the same satisfaction can be expected when the orders come out. Nemet said, “Everybody gets happy when they get their sandwiches.”

If you want to grab a bite for yourself, the doors of Millburn Deli in Westfield are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.