Student-run business, Teen Assistant, makes connections throughout the Westfield community


Photo courtesy of Instagram @teenassistant

Teens working outside for Teen Assistant

Teen Assistant, a freelancing company owned by WHS junior Tyler Ballingall and his brother, WHS alum Connor Ballingall, pairs teens with small jobs in and around the Westfield community.

Founded in 2017 by Brendan Cox, a junior at the time, Teen Assistant has been passed down from WHS alumni to current students. “When [Cox] had to go to college, he sold [the business] to Tommy Tardibuono. My older brother worked for Tommy and when they both went to college, they wanted me to buy it,” said Tyler Ballingall.

Tyler Ballingall leads his company of about 30 teen employees, mostly WHS seniors. Employees are offered freelancing jobs such as gardening, mowing, putting together or moving furniture and any tasks clients can think of. A lot of the clients are elderly, which gives workers the opportunity to make some extra money while helping out with basic housework that clients may not be able to do on their own.

Customers contact Ballingall on Facebook when they need something done and then he relays the job to his group chat of employees for one or more of them to pick up the job.

On top of connecting clients with workers, Ballingall also handles the financial aspects of owning a business, making sure workers collect the appropriate amount. Teen Assistant charges $40 per hour per teen, with prices varying based on labor and number of workers. Ballingall takes $20 to cover expenses, however, he never takes the workers’ tips even if he is working a job with an employee.

Employees have some unique experiences completing tasks for Teen Assistant. Senior Holden Altman recalls doing one of his first jobs with Ballingall: “We were doing some seeding for a lawn, mulching and gardening. This guy had an amazing backyard with a koi pond. At the very end, he brought us to a mini golf course. He said if we got a hole in one he would pay us double. [Senior] Andrew Popa has been the only one to make it in.”

While most jobs are house and yard work, Teen Assistant also offers more unusual tasks. “I dressed up as a dinosaur once and I stood out in front of a wedding and was a greeter,” said Ballingall.

Ballingall strives to create an open environment where employees feel like they are not forced to work. An employee can make their own schedule and choose which jobs they want to take on.

Senior Luke Vaccaro said, “It’s pretty flexible; I can take jobs whenever I want. It’s not very demanding. I make $20 an hour which is better than other places. Although it’s not a steady job, it is something good to be doing on the side.”

Currently, all of Teen Assistant’s employees are male students, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply.

Teen Assistant not only pairs teens with jobs around town, but helps them build connections with the community. “I really like connecting with the clients and getting to know new people each time,” said Altman.

Clients in need of assistance with chores ranging from building furniture to raking leaves and cutting trees can text Teen Assistant’s number at (908)-462-4886 or visit their website at for a price estimate. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram @teenassistant.