Get ready to Rumble! Rumble boxing makes its way to Westfield


Photo by Scarlette Cozzini

Interior development of the new Rumble gym in Westfield

The newest boxing-inspired fitness brand, Rumble, will officially be opening its doors to Westfield residents by the end of this month. Involving a total of 10 3-minute fitness rounds split evenly between training with a punching bag and performing strength exercises, Rumble provides the perfect combination of both cardio and resistance training.

Initially founded by Eugene Remm, who brought the first club to New York’s meatpacking district in the early 2000s, Rumble embodies Remm’s love for nightlife. Meant to resemble a nightclub, Rumble classes are fun hip-hop-style workouts that incorporate high-intensity interval training. Classes take place in a dark room composed of up to 48 participants following a Rumble instructor to the beat of professionally mixed music that matches the workout.

According to Westfield franchise owner Lou Magrone, this is one of the factors that makes Rumble different from its competitors. “The music is premixed daily by DJs for the workout. When you’re supposed to be punching faster, the beat picks up, and when you’re supposed to be punching for power, it’s not going to be as fast.”

Rumble also provides both cardio and strength training while adapting to fit individual fitness goals.

With the some people now having multiple gym memberships, the owners of Rumble’s Westfield location believe this unique form of training can fit into anyone’s schedule. Rumble also requires no experience and, despite a common misconception, is not actual boxing.

Francine and Lou Magrone decided to bring Rumble to Westfield after seeing the success the brand had in New York prior to the pandemic. Rumble had been a popular spot for couples to partake in exercise-based dates in New York, with people traveling from New Jersey to participate.

With Lou being an entrepreneur and lifelong boxing fanatic, the couple decided to open their first Rumble franchise in Indianapolis. As Westfield residents, they have since decided to bring Rumble to Westfield to invest in the town.

There are other Rumble locations in New Jersey, including Hoboken, Livingston, Shrewsbury and Englewood, where individuals interested in Rumble can try out a class prior to signing up for the space in Westfield.

Memberships are flexible as well, as Rumble provides multiple options to best fit one’s fitness journey. “If you’re someone who just wants to try it and come for five classes or you’re someone that wants to come five days a week, there will be options for everyone,” said Lou.

Plans currently range from unlimited classes, to 4 classes per month, 8 classes per month and class packs of 5, 10 and 20.

A unique feature of the Rumble location in Westfield specifically is the opportunity for personal training with Gerry Cooney, one of the most well-known boxers in New Jersey. Cooney fought in the highest purse for boxing in 1982 and has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. At Rumble, he will be providing personal training sessions on the art of true boxing and self-defense.

The Magrones are also highly involved in the Westfield community, which they hope to expand upon with Rumble. As founders of the charity Walk in Sunshine and members on the board of the Westfield Foundation, they aim to make a difference in town. “I just want to make sure that once a month for a couple of days we’re high-lighting different charities while inviting our members to form their own community and keep charity top of mind,” Lou said.

As the date for Rumble’s grand opening approaches, anyone looking to enroll or get more information can contact Rumble on their Instagram @rumbleboxingwestfield_.

“We’re trying to build something really special,” Lou said. And so far, Rumble looks to be a promising addition to the Westfield community.