Dream on: What do our dreams really mean?


Guide to Dream Interpretation: 

* Adapted from dreamdictionary.org. Visit for a free online dream analysis on A-Z topics. 

  1. Teeth Falling Out: Teeth falling out are associated with significant changes in life such as the end of a relationship or a job change. This dream may reflect insecurities and fear of losing something or someone important, but it could also indicate personal growth and an opportunity to start fresh. 
  2. Falling: Falling in dreams is a red flag. This sensation could indicate major life problems with work, relationships, finances or personal well-being. 
  3. Naked in Public: Common after recent promotions or job acceptances, this dream often places you at school or work and represents vulnerability and anxiety from the potential of scrutiny. 
  4. Flying: Flying brings a sense of freedom, possibility and independence. Usually, people dream about flying alone, which can show agency and self-empowerment, letting go of current stressors or approaching problems from a new perspective. 
  5. Pregnancy: Don’t worry, having a dream where you are pregnant doesn’t mean that kids are in your future anytime soon, and it by no means implies that you are, in fact, pregnant. But, these dreams can insinuate that your life is in a growing and developing state, and goals are on their way to being achieved. 
  6. Being chased: A dream in which you are being chased could be a cause for concern, as they often imply that one is experiencing heightened anxiety, stress, and fear during their waking life. The stress is manifested into either a person or an animal, and you are running away, leaving your issues out of sight until they inevitably bring themselves back into your life. 
  7. Being late: Dreaming about running late to important events share that you may feel unable to live up to the extreme expectations others, or even yourself, have for you. There is a great sense of urgency to do certain tasks or work, and they are advancing into your subconscious. 
  8. Unable to Find a Toilet: This experience relates to feelings of frustration. You may be overwhelmed with obstacles or placing others’ needs above your own.
  9. Dreaming from another perspective: Also labeled vicarious dreams, dreaming from a different perspective is quite the rare feat. They can generally share with the dreamer that they are uncomfortable in their own skin, or have trouble understanding their own thoughts and emotions. 
  10. Infidelity: Dreams about infidelity may share that you have unacknowledged fears that you might be neglecting your relationships and responsibilities. Though they often are not conscious fears, they are able to appear and present themselves in your subconscious during sleep.