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Beware of TikTok Shop

Photo Cate Weinstein
Screenshot of TikTok Shop

Starting in November of 2022, TikTok launched its new e-commerce website where creators are able to
promote certain products to their fan base. According to, TikTok Shop allows for a “quick and seam-less experience,” making purchases straightforward. However, spending money on TikTok Shop can be danger-ous and addictive, especially as most users fall between the ages of 10 to 19 and are easily influenced.

Those who promote a company’s product will receive commissions through the Affiliate Program directly from TikTok. Despite the seemingly honest reviews, it is important that viewers understand that these creators are eligible for commissions that range anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of the purchase.

Senior Caroline Terry said, “I’ve seen some reviews, and people get scammed. They get bad products or [the product] does not look like it’s supposed to.”

To protect users from false advertising, TikTok has included a feature that flags all videos where creators are able to make a profit, notifying viewers of an advertisement in disguise.

This program has significantly increased sales for businesses and creators as there is no redirection from TikTok to an outside website.

What sets TikTok Shop apart from other online shopping experiences is that many famous users can promote items directly to their fanbase, meaning that their followers can immediately see any product they promote and buy it during their daily scroll.

One product that has become popular in the Shop is the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin. The skincare product began trending after numerous dermatologists took to TikTok and recommended it for its healing properties. It has since been added to many creators’ storefronts and promoted on pages through video reviews, despite minimal knowledge of skincare products. Thanks to these influencers, the Snail Mucin’s sales have spiked.

However, many customers reported being sent a knock-off of the product after they ordered it. The product they received was in the same packaging and under the name of COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin, but the ingredients in the serum were completely different. Since anyone can create a TikTok Shop storefront, scammers can capitalize on this and sell fake products in order to make a profit. One victim of TikTok Shop said, “This is not the original Snail 96 Mucin. I hope I can get my money back…This is a scam! I need my money back!”

While TikTok Shop may seem like a revolutionary method of online shopping, these logistical errors can make it difficult to determine if the product you are purchasing is authentic.

Even though TikTok has tried to block minors from using the Shop, the app has no way of verifying the age of its users other than personal testimony. In turn, minors can be exposed to inappropriate products on the storefront and content within the app. Therefore, it’s easy accessibility allows minors to make purchases despite the age restrictions. This can be extremely dangerous, especially in the case of the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin, where children may be applying harmful ingredients and chemicals to their skin.

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