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The Student News Site of Westfield High School

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Statement from Hi’s Eye

Dear Hi’s Eye Readers,

We would like to explain why this week’s edition of our newspaper does not contain an article about the recent events in the Middle East. As of Hi’s Eye’s print deadline, many key facts were not yet known. That said, next week’s edition will highlight opinion pieces as a form of coverage on this important topic.

The following message is the opinion of the four Hi’s Eye Editors-in-Chief and does not represent the views of this publication as a whole.

This past week, global suffering has hit very close to home for many members of the WHS community. Our hearts go out to those with family and friends in Israel, the Gaza Strip and other war-inflicted territories in the Middle East.

We recognize that this topic is sensitive to many in our community and believe that silence is not the answer. Thus, let it be known that despite the intricate history of this geopolitical conflict, we wholeheartedly condemn the acts of terrorism committed by Hamas.

As President Joe Biden said in his address to the global public on Tuesday, “Our hearts may be broken, but our resolve is clear.” 

We as a school must stand in solidarity with Westfield’s Jewish community and all others facing prejudice as domestic hate crimes rise due to this conflict. We must show classmates, peers, teachers, friends and all who are struggling with these senseless acts of violence that they are not alone. 


Casey Isser, Gianna Puglisi, Cate Weinstein & Emerson Wotanowski

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