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EduTrack: Three WHS students create a convenient way to check your grades

EduTrack sign-in page

If you’re tired of the process of navigating through Genesis in order to see what you got on a recent test or quiz, you may be in luck. WHS seniors David Maimon, Ben Nematadzira and Gabe Lisci have developed a new app called EduTrack, which is available on the iOS app store, to deliver Genesis notifications as soon as they happen.

The construction of this app was a process that took place outside of school for the creators. The three of them picked up coding years ago outside of WHS and are now using the Python and Swift coding languages they learned to help around 500 WHS students, as of Hi’s Eye print deadline, avoid having to log onto Genesis ever again. Their goal is to help users better deal with the stress that comes with having to repeatedly check their grades throughout the day.

EduTrack is able to function through the use of cookies. When you log into the app for the first time, “[the cookies] keep you logged in forever, and the server re-logs in every 30 seconds to see if there’s a new grade posted,” said Lisci.

If a new grade is found, the app will then deliver a notification immediately letting the user know what grade got put into the portal and the score received.

The idea of EduTrack being able to access a student’s Genesis account at any time while never logging out may seem concerning to students who think the developers of EduTrack might be able to go in, see and/or change your grades. However, according to Maimon, “There is no way in which we could view or adjust anyone’s grades.”

The three creators have their sights set beyond WHS. They plan to code the app to be compatible with grade portals of other high schools in the area. On top of that, they plan to create a grade calculator feature which could calculate what grade you need on a final exam to achieve a certain grade for the year.

In the meantime, Nematadzira, Maimon and Lisci are excited about their growing user base and what the future has in store for EduTrack. “We’re sure that within the next few months, it will be all over New Jersey,” said Maimon.

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  • H

    HughNov 6, 2023 at 12:36 pm

    Very cool!

  • T

    TsitsiOct 29, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    Awesome stuff guys, well done!