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The hottest new workout: HOTWORX debuts in Garwood

Photo courtesy of @hotworxgarwoodnorthave
New HOTWORX in Garwood

Are you sick of the same old workout routine? Are you searching for a new way to stay active, heal your body and sweat out toxins all at the same time? The new HOTWORX opening in Garwood may be just the place for you. 

HOTWORX, Garwood’s newest gym, is planning to have a soft launch on Nov. 30 with discounted rates for their first customers. This new workout facility completely revolutionizes the gym industry and takes working out to a whole new level. At HOTWORX, one can sign up and reserve a spot for classes such as yoga, pilates or cardio in their infrared saunas with virtual instructors. These spots are given out on a first come first serve basis with limited space in the facility. 

There are three people in a sauna, and eight sauna rooms in the facility. Heat resistant mats are provided to handle the extreme heat of the saunas. 

The infrared technology in the saunas not only allows for a rigorous workout but also can make a profound impact on one’s health. Heated to a maximum temperature of 125 degrees, the addition of infrared saunas to an already intense workout can help with inflammation, arthritis, detoxification and more. Each sauna has a T.V. screen and speakers, with virtual instructors leading the workout. The saunas run on a continuous time loop, so anyone who signs up for a class and is a member can come at any hour of the day. This unique workout can be especially beneficial to athletes who use these saunas as a source of recovery for physical injuries and calorie burn, along with the additional health benefits. 

Owner Robin Pritzlaff first learned about the HOTWORX franchise through her husband. Pritzlaff said, “[her husband] went to North Carolina and worked out at a HOTWORX there and was hooked. So, he came back and we decided to open a HOTWORX here in New Jersey.” This summer, Pritzlaff and her family worked out in the saunas and they were able to see the significant results. “We were not ever sore, because you’re recovering while you work out,” Pritzlaff said. “You’re working hard, and your skin becomes so much better.” 

HOTWORX also provides spin bike classes, blast bike rooms, shower rooms, hot buns, hot bands, barre classes and more. Visitors can even combine time in these amenities. Pritzlaff said, “If you want to do a 15 minute cardio, come out, lift a little bit and then go back in, you can do that, too.”

At the moment, the new HOTWORX is having a $10 trial deal where new members can try a class during their opening. During their opening, anyone is welcome to give it a try, and if interested, can activate a gym-only membership for $69 or an unlimited membership with access to all online resources and amenities for $99 a month.

“I just feel like [working out in infrared heat] is a healthy way of life. It prevents many [illnesses] because inflammation is one of the main causes of cancer. I feel like infrared is a benefit to everybody’s health” said Pritzlaff.

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