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Winter Wonders in Westfield

Photo courtesy of Instagram @mayorbrindle
Rabbi Block from Union County Torah Center lighting the Menorah in downtown Westfield

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we are rapidly entering the holiday season. This is often one of the highlights of the year in Westfield, and you can feel the festivity in the air. Here are some activities and sights you can experience to fully take advantage of this winter.

The Westfield Rink

If you are looking for a fun and active winter activity to do with friends or family, look no further than The Westfield Rink.

The Westfield Rink has been a fantastic addition to the town the past few years. Located at 650 Fourth Ave, just near the baseball fields at Gumbert Park, it offers open skating hours every week from Thursday through Sunday; open skating hours can be found on its website.

Local Light Shows

When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of the decorations, the bright lights, the beautiful green trees and even the slightly cheesy but equally jolly inflatable Santa’s.

One way to celebrate the decorative nature of Christmas this year is by participating in Westfield’s holiday light competition. Throughout Westfield there are houses competing in a light-show competition, and you can identify these houses as they have signs in their front yards confirming their involvement. Voting for the best house begins Dec. 22 and anyone can vote. So if you’re cruising around Westfield and see a house you think did a great job with their decoration, head to the Westfield recreation website and give it your vote.

Sledding in Westfield

If you talk to nearly anyone about winter, one of their first thoughts will undoubtedly be sledding. The activity has become intertwined with the idea of winter due to the priceless memories it creates as you rush down a hill with friends. Luckily for Westfield residents, there is no shortage of places to do this, including Echo Lake Park and Washington Elementary School.

Westfield’s Tree and Menorah

With houses on every block decked out with festive holiday lights, Westfield is no stranger to celebrating the holiday season. However, the main attraction Westfield has to offer is the huge lit up trees on either side of the local train station, as well as a grand menorah displayed on the side of the train station adjacent to North Ave.

Not only do these displays create community throughout Westfield, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing and light up the dark winter, on top of being a great family photo opportunity.

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