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Two wars with no clear ending: An update on Israel and Ukraine

Israel is facing new pressure from European allies and citizens to restart hostage negotiations with Hamas leaders and implement a ceasefire following reports of killing innocent civilians and an extended blackout in the Gaza Strip.

These civilians were killed on Dec. 16 when three Israeli hostages were mistakenly shot by the Israeli military while they were surrendering in Gaza. Following the shooting, Israeli protesters gathered to continue cries for a ceasefire even though the last ceasefire mandate was broken by Hamas in a matter of minutes.

Gaza is in the midst of a blackout, cutting off communication and water to both Israeli and Palestinian citizens. Protests, however, have continued. Tents have been set up in front of the Israeli Defense Ministry in order to take a stand against the military.

Even with calls for ceasefire there has been a surge in support for Hamas on the West Bank and in Gaza making the Israeli military question where the lines between citizens and terrorist occupied spaces are.

WHS Senior Gabi Brennan said,“I think it’s very important to learn about the conflict going on between Israel and Hamas because people’s lives are at stake and it’s very important to spread that awareness.”

According to, an estimated 78 Israeli citizens taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 were released during a 6-day ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel. Over 100 male hostages remain in Hamas’s control as some women and children were released in exchange for 180 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

On Dec. 12, 153 members of the United Nations General Assembly voted to implement a ceasefire according to European countries agreed to provide aid if ceasefire negotiations began but there has been no comment from Hamas.

While the Israel-Hamas conflict has dominated headlines for two months, a devastating war in Ukraine has continued. Russia has launched multiple drone attacks over the past few weeks and Ukraine has successfully defended themselves with minimal casualties answering with their own coordinated missile-strikes.

This conflict has been underreported lately and students may be unclear about its developments. Sophomore Chloe Martin said, “The Ukraine-Russian war has been going on for a while now and it hasn’t been much of a focus in the news so I’m not really sure what’s going on at this time.”

The missile strike was in response to not only the ongoing drone attacks, but a high-impact cyber breach orchestrated by the Russian government. During the week of Dec. 11 Russia overtook Kyivstar, the largest mobile network in Ukraine that is not only providing cellular devices to civilians but also to government officials.

According to, attacks not only disrupted civilian communication but disrupted multiple air-raids, shut down banks and the military mainframe took a hit.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said that the fight in Ukraine is not just for his country and citizens, but for the ideals of democracy all  around the globe.

He urged the United States to pass the billions of dollars in aid sitting stagnant in Congress pleading that Ukraine needs help now according to

Funds have halted for Ukraine as the conflict drags on. With President Vladimir Putin of Russia running for re-election, Zelensky knows his country has a short time to make a move of resistance.

As both wars continue, civilian casualties rise and support dwindles but as the UN continues their efforts for a ceasefire through voting that both nations end their war and reinstate peace.

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