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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Jeckell

The Law of Duality states that two opposite results derive from the same cause; that all phenomena, no matter how irreconcilable, follow the same path.

This may seem like a reach when applied to life, just an irrelevant scientific theory, but it’s seen in Newton’s Third Law — every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Night and day, sunrise and sunset, yin and yang.

Not everything is positive, but at the same time not everything will be negative. Peaks will be followed by harder times, but then a peak will undoubtedly follow once again. It’s the  concept that keeps us going, the concept that says things will get better.

This edition’s theme of Heroes and Villains fits the Law of Duality perfectly. For every community-saving hero, there is a villain to try to knock them down. It is duality at its finest, and it doesn’t necessarily have to apply to comic books and superhero movies. There are heroes all around us, and unfortunately, there are villains all around us.

I define my heroes in two broad categories: The people I look up to and the people around me that support me for who I am. So, while I have heroes like Michael Phelps and Zach Byran, more importantly, I have heroes like my parents, my friends, this talented Optic staff and our advisor Mrs. McDonald. In fact, that theme of duality is present in the lives of all of the staff in our senior year as we find the balance between schoolwork, college applications and trying to have a fun year overall.

There were big shoes to fill coming into the school year being the first Editor-in-Chief for Optic for this year, and I was nervous that I was going to fall short. However, this staff presented idea after idea and the entire issue truly fell into place with each individual contribution.

While obviously there are articles about superheroes and supervillains in Marvel and DC movies, I think there is significance in the ones that extend to our reality, too.

While having Superman in Westfield will never happen, there are heroes scattered all across our town, and it isn’t too hard to find them if you look around.

Without spoiling the rest of the issue, these articles have not only a purpose to show duality, but to make you, the reader, think about it in everyday life. Look closely, and it’s scattered everywhere. I am honored to be able to present this issue of Optic to you, and I have nothing but thanks and admiration for the people who made it possible, the real heroes of this publication.

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