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How to go viral: advice from an internet sensation

Photo courtesy of TikTok @hiseyenewss
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So you want to learn how to go viral? Well, you have come to the perfect place. Coming in at almost 260,000 views and over 25,000 likes on one of our most recent TikTok videos, the Hi’s Eye staff has become a true internet sensation.

It’s not every day that an ordinary citizen has the opportunity to gain valuable advice from a pop culture phenomenon, so do not take this article for granted.

As the experts, we have created a step-by-step guide to going viral. These are proven steps that will help any ordinary person gain the following that we have on TikTok. Every step must be followed to a tee in order to achieve optimal results.

Step 1: Perfect your dance skills

Everybody knows that without perfect dance moves, it is practically impossible to gain popularity on TikTok. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can even create your own dance and post it to the app. Don’t worry about your friends making fun of you… they’re just jealous of your future fame and fortune.

Step 2: Be beautiful

Sorry, but this step is crucial. Everybody who goes viral, including the Hi’s Eye staff , has the looks to go with the talent. Don’t worry, if you don’t think that you have this step covered…there’s always Twitter.

Step 3: Don’t be yourself

You know how your mom used to tell you to just be yourself? Sorry, but that doesn’t apply to going viral. Copying a trend that someone else has created and taking all the credit for it is one of the most surefire ways to go viral. Any trend will work for this step, as long as 3,000 other people have already done the exact same thing.

Step 4: Try filming your own Day in My Life video

Day in My Life videos are always the most popular videos on TikTok, but not everybody knows how to make a perfect day in their life. It is crucial to make your life look better than everybody else around you. You can try to film clips of you doing fun, exciting and totally unique things, such as organizing your school supply drawer or color coding your 50 different Stanley tumblers.

If you follow this formula exactly then we guarantee you will go viral. However, skip one step and your dreams of blowing up on the internet are pretty much out the window. The influencer lifestyle comes with hard work and it isn’t for everyone, so make sure you learn those dances and become as attractive as humanly possible and of course follow us on TikTok @hiseyenewss for inspiration.

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