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Superfly takes flight in Westfield

Photo courtesy of of Instagram @superfly_fitness
Superfly officially cutting the ribbon and opening their doors in Westfield

A unique “flight fueled fitness” studio has made its way to downtown Westfield. Superfly opened its doors on April 20 and offers a variety of opportunities to stay fit while also having fun.

An exercise called bungee is the main attraction at the studio. While strapped into a harness, connected to x amount of bungee cords to hold your weight on the ceiling, Founder Julie Goldman said, “Bungee is a class you have never done before because it has resistance training but also a completely plyometric exercise, which means the movement and exercise comes from your body.”

Unlike what people may think, while attached to the bungee cords, she added, you will not “fall on your face.” The first thing Goldman does in her beginner classes called Virgin Flyers-Bungee Intro is to teach students that the bungee will never let you fall.

All bungee classes start at $25, but their Virgin Flyers-Bungee Intro Class costs $45.

Another thing that makes Superfly unique is their BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) Dance class. As one of the few babywearing fitness classes in New Jersey, BYOB Dance is designed for new parents and their infants. “When you’re a new parent there’s all these mommy and me classes, but it’s designed around the baby and you can’t take them until the baby can sit up or hold onto something,” said Goldman.

However, for the BYOB Dance class at Superfly, you’re able to start as soon as you are cleared by your doctor. Goldman said, “Our classes are for the parent; the baby is just along for the ride.” While the class is centered around fitness for the parent, it also includes a 20 minute social circle at the end with guest speakers about issues revolving around motherhood and raising babies. The main intention of the class is to meet with the same people every week to build a community of new moms in the Westfield area. Superfly has also added a BYOB Dance Family class where the whole family and children under seven are able to attend.

There is also a Hip Hop Dance Party class. According to, “This adult dance fitness class combines elements from hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and even ballet to create an innovative class for the dancer who lives in each of us.” Goldman said, “If you just want to come and sweat with the lights dimmed and dance and sing at the top of your lungs, this is definitely the class for you.”

Goldman created Superfly with the intention of it being accessible to everyone. “It’s not meant to be for the elite boutique fitness people. I don’t want it to be somewhere that’s so expensive that people can’t afford it,” she said.

A charitable aspect of their business is that every time a BYOB Dance class membership is purchased, Superfly will purchase an additional membership for someone who can’t afford it. “We want parent classes to be for everybody,” Goldman said. “This studio is meant to be about a community and have it be a place where everybody is welcome. Whether you’re a new parent, whether you’re older, whether you’re a teenager doesn’t really matter,” she added.

If anyone at any age is looking for a new and exciting way to stay fit, Superfly is definitely the studio you should look for.

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