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To rush or not to rush: Two perspectives on Greek life at college

I can’t wait for Greek Life 

My entire life, I have wanted a sister; someone to share clothes with, talk to whenever I need to, share memories with, receive fashion advice from and someone to create a close bond with.

Unfortunately, a sister is not what I received. Instead, I was blessed with a soccer-loving brother who likes to watch sports, not The Bachelor or Gossip Girl. This is why I have to look elsewhere for that bond and sisterhood, and that place is in Greek life.

Greek life offers a unique opportunity to form deep bonds and lifelong friendships that are similar to the closeness that siblings share. In Greek organizations, members often find a sense of belonging that goes beyond friendship and is similar to having a big family. These bonds are shared through a sorority’s traditions, values and experiences that create a network that lasts far beyond college.

Being a part of Greek life also provides an avenue for personal growth and developing leadership skills. Members of sororities and fraternities can take on leadership roles within their chapters such as organizing events, managing budgets and collaborating with others. There are also many philanthropic opportunities within Greek organizations that allow members to give back and make a positive impact on society and on their campuses.

Going off to college may seem daunting to many. Being forced to acclimate to entirely new people, surroundings and teachers is not easy for most. Joining a sorority or fraternity could ease some of this pressure, as it gives people a chance to meet older, more experienced people on campus through programs such as Big and Little, which pair an upperclassmen with a freshman or sophomore.

Being a part of a sorority has been a part of college life that I have always looked forward to. As someone going to a school with 60,000 undergraduates, I’m excited to be given the chance to make a big school feel small by finding my community in Greek life.

No Greek Life for Me 

Growing up and watching WHS graduates go off to college, common posts published to social media accounts often consist of rush experiences at respective colleges. Seeing many of our alumni participate in Greek Life, I always assumed I would join a sorority as well when I got to college.

Fast forward to the end of my senior year at WHS and here I am committed to Fairfield University, a private Jesuit school with no Greek Life.

Although many of my peers are interested in joining fraternities and sororities on their campuses, I am perfectly content with my situation as I still have many other opportunities to indulge in. While sororities/fraternities provide countless social benefits, I believe I can find similar social benefits elsewhere.

With more time on my hands, I’ll be able to engage in certain club sports I have interest in such as ice hockey, which I have played since I was 12 years old. I can also add more sports to my schedule as I will have the ability to try new ones such as pickleball and sailing, which are two activities I would not have the option to participate in if I was in a sorority with limited time.

Beyond these sports, I will also have the chance to partake in school clubs related to my two majors. These include clubs such as the newspaper and television programs, which will allow me to progress in the fields I look to make a future out of. These extracurricular activities will allow me to build friendships and make relationships with my peers, without the added pressure and financial burdens of being involved with
Greek life.

Although being a part of a sorority or a fraternity is a common college experience enjoyed by many, I know I will still thrive in an environment with alternate choices for me.

I am ready to embark on my college journey for the next four years, even without Greek life.

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