Senior projects get students involved

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by Claudia Romeo Annie Resnikoff Melanie Snyder

Seniors continue to give back to the community and explore interests through senior projects. Here are three we have chosen to highlight:

In an era of Photoshop and masks of makeup, it’s refreshing to hear about a movement taking place at WHS that embraces what it truly means to be beautiful. For their senior projects, seniors Sarah Russo and Gemma Larché launched a WHS version of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Girls from all grades were invited to embrace their natural looks by going a day without makeup and taking a picture for a collage. Said Russo: “There are a lot of girls struggling with body image…. Having [them] come together as one community will hopefully allow everyone to accept themselves for who they are.”

Russo and Larché said the intent of their project is to empower WHS girls. Said Larché: “So many girls told me as I took their picture that they felt really awkward, and I think that comes from a lack of confidence. There should be no reason for girls our age to feel so uneasy about coming to school one day with no makeup on.”

Although some high school students may view the weekend as an opportunity to go to parties, seniors Nora Moriarty, Joe Alameno and Calvin Robertshaw are trying to change that with their senior project, Blue Devil Relays. The relays will consist of various games and activities.

Said Moriarty: “We really hope that kids start to realize that there are tons of other things to do on a Friday night other than partying.” Blue Devil Relays will be held tonight at 7 p.m. in the Varsity Gym. Groups of four will be able to participate in common field-day style games.

Moriarty added, “Joe and I are on Dream Team, a club promoting healthy choices, and we have always wanted to run an event similar to it, so we decided this is our chance.”

Senior Mark Gillespie is on his way to completing his personally constructed remote control car for his senior project. Said Gillespie: “It’s been pretty fun so far. I’ve just been playing around with some circuits, trying to figure out how to control the motors.”

According to Gillespie, the idea came from his neighbor, who used to build remote control cars that always interested him. Said Gillespie, “It’s something I wanted to do for a while.”

While he has some experience in the field, he said this will be his first time building a car on his own. Gillespie said, “I joined a robotics team this year, which was kind of similar, but building it all on my own will be new.” He added, “In the end, I hope to be able to control it from my phone, which would be pretty neat.”