Homecoming events cancelled 

by Julia Queller 
Due to weather concerns, the Student Government cancelled all Homecoming events on Nov. 23 and postponed Powder Puff until spring.
Homecoming was scheduled to include a parade through downtown at 1:30 p.m. starting at the Westfield Memorial Library; Powder Puff at 2:30 p.m. at Kehler Stadium; Outdoor Folio at 4 p.m. and a bonfire at 5:30 p.m. behind EIS.

The administration’s decision to cancel Homecoming events was based primarily in its concern for students’ safety, according to Student Government Co-Adviser Ms. Michelle Spreitzer.

Said Spreitzer, “[The administration] had to do what’s best for everyone.”

According to Student Government Co-Adviser Ms. Elizabeth Schultz, the weather would have made it impossible for Student Government to set up for these events.

Powder Puff

Senior Class Council Vice President and Powder Puff Coach Joe Rinaldi said: “When I heard that the Powder Puff game was postponed until the spring, I was upset, as was everybody else. However, even though we could have played the game after all because the weather was decent, I do understand that it is better to be safe than sorry.”

In addition to concerns about the players’ safety on a slippery field, Schultz said the Student Government feared that spectators would not come out in the bad weather.

Schultz said, “Rather than have a half-hearted event, we’ll wait and have a really good event in the spring.”

According to Spreitzer, the Student Government hopes to add a boys field hockey game to accompany the traditional girls football game.

Student Government Treasurer senior Ella D’Amico said: “We’re always looking for new ideas to bring out school spirit, and this seemed like an idea that everyone would really enjoy. We have been talking about the field hockey game for a while, and now that the Powder Puff game is postponed, we thought it would make the day even more exciting by having both events back-to-back.”

The Student Government plans to hold Powder Puff on a Sunday because there are no half days in the spring semester. 

According to Schultz, the constraints of players’ athletic practices and Kehler’s availability also make the weekend a more viable option.  

The lack of half days made rescheduling the other Homecoming events impossible, according to Spreitzer.  

Schultz said: “We’ve spent the last two months planning for Homecoming and now it’s not happening. This was def-initely nobody’s first choice, but you can’t control the weather.”

EIS Bonfire

According to Spreitzer, the bonfire was scheduled to include a performance from the cheerleading team, a speech from the football team encouraging students to attend its Homecoming game and the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen.

Seniors Anthony Valles and Amanda Marcotullio were voted Homecoming King and Queen by the senior class. Due to the bonfire’s cancellation, the winners were announced over the loudspeaker on Nov. 23.

Marcotullio said: “I definitely pictured the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen to be very different…. It would’ve been exciting to find out at the bonfire because of the atmosphere there, but it was funny that they waited outside my homeroom with a crown.” 

Outdoor Folio

A new event planned for  Homecoming was an Outdoor Folio; senior Joy Binder planned to perform slam poetry at the event.

“Outdoor Folio would have had a different atmosphere from the usual Folio, which could have been [either] refreshing or distracting,” said Binder. “I was disappointed that it was cancelled, but somewhat relieved that everyone wouldn’t be out in the cold for so long.” 

D’Amico said, “Moving forward, the Student Government is even more motivated to plan exciting events for the school and try to make up for whatever was lost by cancelling Homecoming.”